Monday, January 28, 2013

How do you attract guys?

Have you all seen Angelica Panganiban's new video for Camay? For the young kids reading this blog, Camay is a classic soap known for its luscious fragrances. By classic, I mean it was launched way back in 1926! My lola used Camay religiously. Naabutan ko pa siya actually haha. Now Camay is back and with the equally luscious Angelica P. as its image model. Here is her video called “Sexy Flirting Experiment by Angelica Panganiban”:

Wow, the girl in the experiment is pretty hot, right? I like her. And even though I couldn't smell her, I knew she was mabango. And she didn't need to flirt with the guys. All she did was stand there and smell good! That's the promise of Camay for us girls who can't flirt to save our lives. Yes, us girls. Yes, I don't know how to flirt either.

I've always been a straightforward kinda girl. I don't know how to play the game. If I like a guy, I tell him, but not in a seductive manner. I just go, "Hey, you're nice. I like you. Want to go out with me?"Just casually, cheerfully, never desperately. I never even get scared what his response will be. If he says yes, great! If he says no, then his loss. I mean, I'm not a bad catch at all. I like being direct. Saves us time. Life is short. Make a statement. Make your move.

Does this turn guys off? No. Well, in my experience, it doesn't. Maybe because I give off that vibe that I'm not flirting, I'm not playing the game. For example, I used to like this guy in high school. His name is Fermin. He's married now and with kids, too. But back then, he had the cutest smile in the world. So I asked him to go to the Sophomore Dance with me. He said no because he had already asked Loradel. But at the dance, he danced with me and told me I was a sweet girl and he liked that I wasn't silly and flirtatious. He said, "Hindi ka paliguy-ligoy. Para kang lalaki." Sigh! And that was when I knew walang ever mangyayari sa amin ni Fermin.

Anyway, if you're like me, hindi marunong lumandi, then don't lose heart. The all-new Camay is here to save the day! This time, Camay is not just available in bars of soap; it also comes in shower gels. I'm a shower gel girl so hooray! There's Romantique Rose, Crème Vanilla and Dynamique Grapefruit. I like the smell of grapefruit so I'm trying that.

Edward described Bella's blood as floral "with a hint of freesia."

So now you're thinking, "Is fragrance really enough to get me a guy?" Yes! Why else is there a billion-dollar fragrance industry? In fact, in my experience, Vince always goes crazy when I smell good. His favorite is when I use super luxe scents. He goes, "Wow, you smell mayaman!" Hahaha! If you still don't believe in the power of scent, think of Twilight. Didn't Edward go gaga over Bella's smell? Bella didn't even have to do anything. She just smelled great. Same with me! When I smell good, Vince can't resist me.

So, girls, mag-effort kayo na maging mabango! Try the all-new Camay. Choose one or all of the delicious scents Romantique Rose, Crème Vanilla and Dynamique Grapefruit. You'll have that soft, scented skin that will leave him wanting more. So you won't have to make an effort to attract guys. Let your skin's fragrance and softness do the job for you!

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*Camay video and photos courtesy of P&G. 

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  1. I love how you are so candid! I wish I could be that straightforward but I'm afraid I think about other people way too much. I have to work on that. Anyway, I'll try the grapefruit too since my body wash just ran out. :)


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