Friday, March 01, 2013

Soft scented skin is in! Well, it always is!

February is done but Vince and I are still on celebration mode. V-Day for us both, then the next day, the 15th, was his birthday. So mega-fireworks! We're still enjoying loving each other so we're going out of town with the kiddies to celebrate our love!

Anyway, I also wanted to share that part of my preparation for the special holiday of romance is scrubbing myself raw to make my skin smooth, applying tons of rich lotion to make me soft, then enveloping myself in perfume to make me irresistible!

Vince is very enamored with scent. After all, scent is the most powerful trigger of memories. When Vince smells Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege, he remembers our wedding and honeymoon. When Vince smells La Mer body lotion, he remembers the first few months of our firstborn, Vito, because I used that super rich lotion to soothe my extremely dry skin. So Lanvin and La Mer are the scents that Vince and I will always treasure since they remind us of really significant moments in our happy life.

If you want to create memories with that special man in your life, turn to scent. And if you don't want to spend so much effort and energy in getting all soft, smooth and fragrant (like I do! See second paragraph!), try a moisturizing body wash like Camay. Just watch this Camay Social Experiment 2 called “Sexy Skin Experiment: Be Hard to Forget through your scent by Angelica Panganiban.”

I wonder what Camay variant the girl used: Romantique Rose, Crème Vanilla or Dynamique Grapefruit? I want to know which one she used to have that soft, scented skin that was hard for Vince to forget. The Vince in the video, not my Vince, okay!

But ya, I want to know so I can try it out on my own Vince. I'll do my own sexy experiment with my Vince and see if subtle flirting and soft, scented skin by Camay will leave him wanting more. Can't wait to tell you the results!

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