Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Camay Girls + Cosmo Hunks

Back when I worked in magazines, the most exciting time in the office is when Cosmo starts auditioning men for their Cosmo Bachelor issue. The lobby and hallways are filled with good-looking guys and the office girls giggle a lot. I also used to go every year to Cosmo's Bachelor Bash. Crazy party! Every girl should go to a Cosmo Bash at least once in their lives.

So when Camay asked me to write about their new social experiment involving Cosmo Hunks, of course I said yes. Actually, I also wanted to see who these Cosmo-Camay hunks are. Being happily married, I haven't really been looking around, you know! But anyway. Here are the Cosmo Hunks:
Mikael Daez

Alden Richards

Daniel Matsunaga

Joseph Marco

The Cosmo Hunks starred in Camay and Cosmo's Ooh La La event. The hunks were asked to sniff and touch the skin of the girls who attended the event, much to the delight of all sniffed and touched. Of course, the most mabango and makinis were picked by the bachelors for kisses. Watch!

Here's what the guys said:
Daniel: “Her skin was really soft talaga, it was a sweet scent, romantic, but not overpowering.”
Joseph: “The smell... It really lingers, it tickles me from the inside. Na-miss ko tuloy magka-girlfriend!”
Mikael: “The scent was very subtle, that’s why I took my time!”
Alden: “Grabe, it’s so soft, ang sarap-sarap balikan at hawakan. The scent of the girl was appealing to me so much that’s why I chose her.”

I wonder what Camay that girl used—Romantique Rose, Crème Vanilla and Dynamique Grapefruit?

So if you want soft, scented skin that leave men wanting more, use Camay when you shower! It's available in bar soaps and shower gels. Tell me what happens when you use it! I hope it's something sexy! Good luck and may Camay help you find your own handsome hunk!

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  1. shucks! lucky ladies! mikael daez alone is enough to make me swoon!!! i wish i was part of it!

  2. I'm a fan of their Romantique Rose variant! Not only do I smell good after a bath, but my bathroom too. :P


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