Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beautiful books

We have a modest library. The books are arranged by genre then by author. It's not so genius. This is how books are organized in all the major libraries in the world since printing began. So Vince and I find the color trend really ridiculous.

I know, I know. It's soooo pretty. It transforms your shelves into a visual feast. There is cohesion. But what do you do if you have too many black books and a few reds and oranges? How do you find an author? And what do you do if you own these lovely collections?
Penguin Classics

Leather-bound classics

Puffin Classics for Young Readers

Seriously, it would be wrong to break them up.

I am so in love with these Juniper Books, which are on sale now over at One Kings Lane, a beautifully curated shop of stuff for the home that I subscribe to. Such gorgeous books! They're very expensive, too. And as someone who buys books from Amazon, I know that books are heavy and thus costly to ship. But these would look really nice on our shelves!

National Book Store, Fully Booked, care to bring them in?

*library photos from Apartment Therapy; Juniper Books images from One Kings Lane


  1. I've seen some in Fully Booked. And more than just fascination, I can only let out two words: Hay!!! Love!!!

  2. I collect the cloth-bound Penguin Classics, and I got a few Puffins. I bought them on Amazon whenever they're on a low price -- about $11. I don't have the heart to read them, nakadisplay lang. Baka masira. LOL. I wish that someone would do something similar to Filipino classics like Noli and El Fili. Wouldn't that be awesome?


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