Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Topaz Fashion: Loving Avon's The One Bra (plus, a giveaway!)


Last week, I posted this photo over at Instagram and on Facebook. Yep, I just discovered a new bra that surprised me. It fits a range of sizes. It's comfortable. It's seamless. It's snug without being tight. It's got great support. It's cool, and I mean it's not hot and scratchy, but yeah, because of all the stuff I mentioned, it really is the coolest bra I've met in a long while! 

Girls, meet The One Bra from Avon Intimate Apparel!

Did you ever watch that Oprah show where she said that majority of women wear the wrong size of bra and that you have to get fitted every 6 months max, which means you have to buy a new bra every 6 months? It's true. Our bodies change over time. We get bloated, we get skinny, we get fat, we get sick. In my case, my breastfeeding boobs change size every 2 hours! So yep, we really should change bras regularly. Thing is, bras are so expensive! It's not economically feasible to be buying bras often. But with The One Bra, we don't have to buy bras often! 

I have one. I love it! It's made of Spandex so it stretches to accommodate your own unique curves. It fits sizes 32A to 40D. Yes, you read that right! There are no hooks and wires so nothing digs into our skin. And yet it's firm enough to support our boobies that it's my favorite bra to use when I exercise!

Avon's The One Bra is the only bra you need! Actually, since this bra is just P499, I guess it's a good idea to buy more than one! 

But because I'm so happy about my bra, I'm going to give away two bras each to five readers! Plus, two of those five readers will be so lucky to receive a bag, too! Here's what you have to do:

1. Follow me on Instagram. I'm @francesasales.
2. Take an IG photo of those three lovely models (I love that they look so trim, no matter what their size!).
3. IG this: "I love that @avonph's The One Bra fits all kinds of women and all kinds of lifestyles! I want one, too! Make me win two pairs @francesasales! If I'm really lucky, I can win a bag, too!"

That's it! Good luck! I announce the five lucky ladies on Friday!

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  1. sayang I do not have IG.. hihi.. ^_^

  2. Frances, I'm definitely joining!!! :) I need a new bra with my yoyo weight gain hahaha

  3. I'm intrigued!!! I'm a 40A (yes, big girl with a flat chest!) and finding the perfect bra means that I have to scour the market for it. I've resorted to expensive ones with cups that gets deformed after just one wash (either the material's flimsy or our laundrywoman is doing her stuff wrong), and cheap ones with straps na madaling magbacon! Eeek! I want to buy this na! :)

  4. That bra looks so comfy, Frances! I want one too. :) Definitely joining. :)

  5. I'm gonna join!!! having a new bra for my birthday would be awesome!!!! i love its color too!!!! thank u so much in advanced ms. frances ^^ #keepingmyfingerscrossed

  6. I want this too badly.. thank you ms. Frances for sharing your loves. I definitely follow or try the products you are featuring. More power! thank you for being generous to your readers like me...

  7. Wow I'm joining, need a new bra after giving birth this nov. :)

  8. It looks like a cross between a sports bra and a t-shirt bra...so glad that Avon finally made something like this. Ang hirap mag-breastfeed using hooked bras, I always end up wearing sports bra kasi mas madaling ibalik after. Do I still need to find an Avon Lady to get one? Or may boutique na po ba ang Avon Ms. Frances?

  9. This would be perfect for my run trainings! <3

  10. I already placed an order for the One Bra... so excited!

  11. Hi Ms. Frances! Who won? so excited ;))

    1. Oh! I contacted the winners via their IG accounts =) They are @dharmadreamsbig, @chrissycaballero, @rollcoastermom, @chroniclesofmaia and @rycutangco.

    2. hahaha! I'm not the lucky one pala,,hehehe..


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