Saturday, November 09, 2013

Meet the new UPMC

It's howling outside right now because of Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Every time it rains like this, I'm brought back to my teens, when I lived with floods every year. I grew up in Manila. Well, my family's home was in Antipolo but I spent summers and weekends in Pandacan, then my high school years were spent along the streets of Taft, Ermita, UN and the parks of Paco, Luneta and Intramuros. To be more specific, I literally grew up across the Supreme Court and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). My stomping grounds!

So when UP-PGH told me about their University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) and asked if I could blog about it, I said, "Sure!"

I'm going to use their official photos although I wish I'd actually gone there and checked out the place myself. But I have no yaya so I always bring baby Iñigo with me and I didn't want to bring him along for a hospital tour (baka he'll catch something and get sick). So I'll just tell you about the stuff you can find at the new UPMC.

What is UPMC?
It's a private outpatient diagnostic and surgical center.

Where is it?
It's on the grounds of U.P. Manila and PGH, in the Faculty Medical Arts Building, declared by the National Historical Institute as a heritage site. The interiors were specially decorated to be an homage to the fab Art Deco architecture. I'm so glad they did that! There are so many gorgeous buildings in Manila but no one realizes this because they're ignored, not maintained and not decorated.

What are the services available at UPMC?
Ambulatory Surgical Center, Cardiovascular, Industrial & Occupational Health, Intravenous Therapy, Laboratory & Drug Testing, Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, and Physical Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine.

There's also a pharmacy, coffee shop, food court. If feel mo mag-lakwatsa, malapit lang ang Robisnons Manila! Of course, since it's a campus, the 300 faculty members happen to be doctors! So you can schedule a consultation, have a diagnostic test done, eat lunch, fill out your prescription all in one day and in one place!

Why should we go to UPMC instead of the other hospitals in the area?
There's parking. That's very important in Metro Manila!

Well, my friend says it's a really nice hospital but super cheaper than other medical centers. She lives in Alabang, like katabi niya halos ang Asian Hospital, but she drives all the way to UPMC for her chiropractic therapy sessions. It's not like she's nagtitipid or she's kuripot, ha. She just likes UPMC better. The facilities daw are new and really nice for the price.

Pa-check up na!

Public service announcement!

For more details, call (02) 708-0000, email, log on to, or just like them on Facebook.

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  1. Hi Frances! Thanks pala for sharing about this, I told my mom about the promo because she's been long overdue for a mammogram. She finally had it done last week at PGH, a day before the promo ended. We wouldn't have known about it if not for you. :)


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