Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bag lust: Modalu Pippa

I know I've been saying since forever that I want no other bag than the Tod's D Bag. Actually, there's this other bag that I've been eyeing since the royal wedding of William and Kate in 2011.
It was the maid of honor's fault, when Pippa Middleton was spotted carrying the Modalu Bristol Bag in Shark. After she stepped out of their hotel the morning after the wedding toting the Modalu bag, she sent fashion watchers into a frenzy. The bag was sold out and was renamed Pippa in her honor.

I just found out that Modalu is now available in the Philippines through PoshDated. Thank you, Facebook friends!

The Pippa Grab is GBP 229 (PHP 17,100). Sigh. It's so perfect!

The Mini Grab is GBP 199 (PHP 14,845). Sigh. That vivid orange lizard skin!

The Small Grab is GBP 185 (PHP 13,828). Sigh. The perfect size for 5'3" me!

PoshDated is selling the Pippa Grab in all the sizes plus the shoulder and crossbody versions, too. But not all the colors are available. The bestselling Shark, for example, is not in the lineup. Neither is that fab orange lizard. But I'm still thinking of buying one! I think I'll buy it for me as my late Christmas gift to myself or an advanced Mother's Day gift. Here are my picks:
Mini Pippa Grab in Tan
Pippa Small Grab in Black
If I get the Small Grab, it's just PHP 2,172 more expensive than if I buy from the Modalu website. Modalu is of course in London. If I get the Mini (which is actually bigger than the Small, weird), then it's PHP 1,155 more expensive. But since I have to take into account the shipping and other customs duties, if I buy from PoshDated, it will come out as super cheap!!!

The Mini is the most sulit—it's not only bigger, the price difference also comes out cheaper. But PoshDated's owner posted a photo of her toting the Small Grab in Black Croc, also still PHP 16,000.

Sooooo now I can't decide! What do you think? Mother's Day is still a couple of months away so I have time to mull over this! Help me!!!

*Pippa Middleton photo from Princess Diana Remembered, Pippa bags photos from Modalu and PoshDated Facebook page.

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  1. Oh my, this is my dream bag too! I am no fan of Pippa Middleton but I have to agree that anything looks great on her. Her "the-morning-after-the-wedding" look is definitely one of my favorites.

    1. And it's not that expensive! I guess that's why Pippa has them in all the colors! My dream Tod's bag starts at 75K. It's just too much. Even though I can afford it, I can't buy it. It's just too much money!

  2. bags and shoes are girls BFF! they're a must!

  3. I just checked their (UK) website, some of them are 70% off. If you know anyone going home anytime soon, you can ask favor. It would be bad luck to refuse a pregnant woman! =D

    1. Sigh. I know! But I don't know anyone who is in London going home to Manila.

  4. Great collection of handbags! I love all the bags displayed above, but if I have to choose one, then definitely I will pick that orange bag. Orange color is in trend these days as it looks funky and stylish and goes with each outfit. Recently, my daughter gifted me an orange colored leather bag which she found on a website The bag is somewhat similar to the bag displayed above, but the only different is that it is having a single pocket and is of different brand.


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