Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Selling my old things soon!

I'm about to give birth and so I'm in the middle of making space in our 2-bedroom condo unit. We need more space for the baby! And, I have to admit it, I need to make extra money, too, since I won't be able to do any work for a few months after the baby arrives. So I'm going to hit the proverbial two birds with one stone: I'm going to sell my old things!

First thing that has got to go? My clothes and shoes! I'm already taking down descriptions and measurements (see below) and then I'll take nice photos of my stuff this weekend.

I've held on to my clothes for years hoping my body will return to size 2, size 4 on my fat days. But, after three consecutive pregnancies, I must admit that my body will never be the same again. I actually do go back to my former skinny self but the breastfeeding breasts and the birthing hips just don't squeeze themselves properly into my old clothes. So the clothes will have to go! As for the shoes, well, thankfully, my feet also always go back to normal but my lifestyle has changed. It's ridiculous and dangerous to wear 6-inch heels when I'm a mother of three wriggly little boys. So the shoes will have to go, too! The bags will also need to go. All I ever use these days (for the past 4 years!) are tote bags and clutches made of sturdy leather and canvas. That's what motherhood has done to my closet!

Check out what I'm selling:
Just a few of what I'm getting rid of. Everything in my closets must go!
I'm thinking of trying out the new OLX by Sulit app to sell my stuff. That way, I can always be updated whenever and wherever I am about the status of my items. Check out this Yesss, Yaman! video on how you, too, can make money off your old things:

For more info and to make money, too, visit the Yesss, Yaman! website now. 

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  1. So nice the bag:) How much is that???

    1. I sold it na! For P300!!! It's a Gucci!!!

  2. What??? Gucci for 300. what a steal! ^_^

    What's your profile in OLX Miss Frances. I want to check your items. I hope meron pa *cross.fingers*

    1. I sold it sa garage sale! Hassle kasi to take pictures pa and upload haha

  3. Awww... sayang!

    God Bless you in your pregnancy. lapit na lumabas ni baby chicken :)


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