Monday, December 08, 2014

Three reasons why I love my Skechers GOwalk 2 shoes

What I find so funny with posting photos of my #OOTD these days is the surprise from everyone when some photos featured me in sneakers. My Skechers GOwalk 2 shoes, to be very specific. I get comments like, "I have never seen you in rubber shoes before!" and "It's so strange to see you in sneakers!"

To be honest, I was never a rubber shoes person. I only wore them when I had to go to the gym. But last year, my whole family went to Disneyland and my husband said, "You should wear your sneakers," and I was like, "Uh, never." And then after just a few hours walking in Disneyland, my feet died. That was when I realized moms like me need sneakers!!! I'm running around all day, doing errands, chasing after my little boys, carrying my baby... It's a crazy life! It's a happy life but I got a lot to do and sneakers help me finish stuff on my To Do list faster. And without my feet dying!

It's not just moms who need comfy shoes. I'm a magazine editor now (again) and if you think editors walk around all day in platform heels, you can't be more mistaken. Sourcing items is one of my dreaded tasks. That means walking around malls all day, looking at what products are hot and available. I can be hopping around malls all week! And I pull out items then carry them in big shopping bags all the way to the car. Then at photo shoots, I'm constantly bending over picking up products, walking around, fixing things, running after child models (or their parents). It's hard work!

Then as a blogger, I'm attending events and meetings. I usually commute for those functions so I need to run after cabs or walk long distances just to grab a ride. It's not easy to do that in heels!

That's why I needed to choose the comfiest sneaks I could find. Since I needed them for walking and not gymming (haha, is that even a word?), I wanted shoes that are comfy and cute. And I found my shoes in Skechers GOwalk 2! Here's what I love:
  1. My feet feel cool. I don't get yucky sweaty.
  2. My feet are comfortable. There are no tight spots, skin-irritating spots, chafing spots. It's just comfy all over.
  3. I feel like I'm walking on marshmallows. 

Try Skechers GOwalk 2, too! I super highly recommend this walking shoe. Like, super love it grabe. I love it so much I'm thinking of doing a giveaway!!! Who wants me to do a giveaway? Watch this space soon!

To know more about Skechers Gowalk 2 and to find a Skechers store near you, check out the Skechers Philippines website and Facebook page. Mwah!

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  1. i want to have one,i always chase my kids too when we go out, its really hard to walk when you have small companions to take care,hahaha..

  2. Would love a giveaway! :) Love your new blog look btw <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks! It's not new, though. It's been like this since September 2012! =D

  3. I also wear my Skechers during our consumer events (my job) where I have to at the venue at the crack of dawn and leave only during egress time. It really gets sooooo exhausting because I'll be running the whole day, checking on clients, checking the program runs well and the on-ground activities are well executed. I had an event where I only wore normal super flat flats. By the time the whole thing is over, I can barely walk haha! Kaya I promised myself it's rubber shoes for me during consumer events!!! :D Mine is not as cute as yours though, it's purely black (which my office cubicle mate finds very odd of me) But I love it because it's super comfy and I bought it on sale here in their annual super sale in TEKTITE! :D

  4. would love a giveaway either..and to think comfy shoes.. woww.!!


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