Thursday, January 29, 2015

My iPhone 6 really does take better pics!

I was talking about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a couple of months ago, wondering if I should get one, if I'd like one, etcetera. Well, who's a lucky girl??? SMART, which sponsors my parenting blog Topaz Mommy, sent me a silver iPhone 6 as a birthday present! Thanks so much, SMART!

I'm not going to talk about it from a technical level since I absolutely have no vocabulary for that. I do know that it's a pretty phone. A bit too skinny and light, and rather too big for my little hands so I have a hard time taking selfies (haha), but the iPhone 6 is my mini computer on the go, my lifeline to my kids when I'm out working, and my instant camera when taking out the real camera is inconvenient. I love my iPhone 6 (and of course my SMART plan!) for how it's made motherhood and career easier to juggle!

Speaking of cameras, I noticed a big difference in quality of images. While sharing with my Topaz Mommy readers how I made an art wall for my kids, I realized that I took this photo with my iPhone 5s:

And then I took this one with my iPhone 6:

The photo with the iPhone 6 is brighter and clearer!

I still believe in taking pictures with a real camera. Nothing beats the real thing. But for quick snaps or for stuff that we want to share with friends and followers on social media, a camera phone does the job just fine. If you must use a camera phone, I quite like the one of the iPhone 6.

For other things the new iPhones can do, click here!

Get an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus from SMART! Here's how:

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  1. Belated happy birthday! :-)

  2. I've been thinking of getting an iPhone 6 since I also use a 5 to take pictures. Hmmmm. Sige nga I'll consider it more, coming from your experience!


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