Thursday, January 01, 2015

Social media stars and their 2015 REsolutions

This post is brought to you by SwitchRightOn.

First day of the year! Everyone's social media accounts are full of thoughts that look back at 2014 and wishes and plans for 2015. Two resolution hashtags I noticed were #REnew2015 and #SwitchRightOn. I saw it on Bianca Gonzalez-Intal's IG account (@iamsuperbianca). I follow her since I like her and I kinda know her because when she was just starting out in showbiz a decade ago, I was with PR and I would accompany her on media tours to TV shows on MTV and Studio 23, and various radio stations, plus I also featured her on Preview magazine. So while I wouldn't say we're friends, we do know each other.

Anyway, this is what she and her new husband promised to do this 2015:

So I checked out her hashtags and saw these other celebs' REsolutions:

With a little research, I found out that these and other celebs (na hindi ko na sinama ang IG posts nila here) are part of the Switch Right On campaign, a renewable energy awareness campaign which has the participation of the government and many industries, and influential personalities.

We definitely are a country that should be focusing on investing on renewable energy. We're just made for it! We can harness energy from the sun, the sea, our rivers, the wind, our many volcanoes. It's crazy how our country is just perfect for renewable energy. It's even crazier that we're not harnessing that energy! It's unlimited, clean and sustainable. It's definitely more environment-friendly than coal, which is what we Filipinos still use! Coal is not only a terrible pollutant for the air, it's also expensive and will fast run out. We really should push our government and our society to invest in renewable energy!!!

The Switch Right On movement is using the pinwheel to spread awareness on the current state of energy production and consumption in our power sector. The pinwheel is a symbol used internationally to promote greater understanding about renewable energy.

I have a pinwheel, too, which my children love to play with. For the sake of my boys, I promise to be more mindful of the products we use at home, so that we'll shrink our carbon footprint and keep, even create, a cleaner, safer environment.
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To know more about the campaign and how you can help promote energy security, self-sufficiency, and environmental protection for the Philippines, visit

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  1. i like that people are being more conscious of our environment; even celebrities and personalities. happy 2015! God bless us all :D

  2. I remember that post from Bianca because I follow her too. Thanks for checking out what it's all about and sharing here. saved me the steps to do so myself. Looking for ways to be a better citizen of Earth is up there in my goals too, and this campaign fits right in.


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