Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two weeks of using Belo Intensive Whitening line (plus, a giveaway!)

This post is brought to you by Belo Essentials.

I'm in the middle of using the Belo Intensive Whitening line and this will be a mini review. It's mini because I've only been using it for two weeks. It takes the skin about 4-8 weeks before it renews itself so two weeks of using the Belo soap, face cream and body lotion isn't enough yet.

And yet I'll tell you a bit about it anyway!

I wanted to use Belo Intensive Whitening line because I have a lot of acne scars and sun spots. I'm always looking for a way to brighten (not whiten) my already fair skin, but—believe it or not!—I've never actually tried any! Mas malaking problem kasi sa akin before ang pag-manage ng acne ko. But now that my hormones have finally (knock on wood!) calmed down, I can see that the pimples have left dark spots all over my face. My three pregnancies have also left my body with pigmentation. In short, hindi na ako iisang kulay. I'm marbled.

Belo's whitening line has two ingredients that will address my concerns: kojic acid and tranexamic acid. Kojic acid inhibits the production of melanin, which is what gives us our skin color. Tranexamic acid is also a melanin-inhibitor but it also takes care of skin damaged by the environment, like the sun and pollution. It’s also great for targeting stubborn dark areas like elbows, knees, kili-kili, singit, hehe!

But, okay, the real reason I decided to use the Belo Intensive Whitening system is this commercial:

Haha, yes, sobra akong influenced ng mga commercials!

Since I can't give a full review, I'll just tell you my progress so far.

What I like:
  • At first, my skin became dry from the soap, so buti na lang merong cream and lotion to combat the dryness. But after a week, the tightness went away and my skin now feels softer and smoother. Hooray! 
  • I didn't break out! My skin is very sensitive to new products so I'm glad I didn't react in a bad way. I actually even had two tiny pimples that dried up and died when I used the soap and face cream!
  • I didn't feel stinging, and there was no peeling or redness. So this is gentle on skin. Well, I dunno. When I was reading about this on other blogs, the other bloggers experienced stinging. Maybe kasi matanda na ako at makapal na ang balat ko kaya ako hindi nakaramdam ng stinging?
  • I'm actually okay that even after two weeks' use, walang sudden whiteness. Mga girls and boys, be wary of products that promise instant whitening. You're burning your skin off with dangerous products like that!
  • The complete system. There's a soap, a face cream and body lotion. So pantay ang beauty everywhere!

What I don't like:
  • The smell. It's not unpleasant. It's actually sweet, like candy. But I don't like sweet smells. I'm a fan of fresh scents and floral scents. I looked at bloggers' reviews and they all LOVED the smell so this is totally subjective, okay? So this isn't a bad thing!
  • The orange-ness. The foam is orange. I feel like that's unnecessary coloring. Maybe they should just take out the color.  
  • You have to use it twice a day. That means two showers, two applications of lotion. I'm a mom of three babies. I don't have the time!

Have you tried out the Belo Intensive Whitening line? Tell me what you think!  

You can also try out the Belo Intensive Whitening line since I am giving away 5 sets! Here's how to win:
  • Like the Facebook page of Belo Essentials @BeloEssentials.
  • Like the Topaz Horizon page, too!
  • Share in the comments below why you want to win and then add your FB account name.
That's it! So easy! Contest ends in a week. That's April 8, Wednesday. Good luck!

Check out the Facebook page of Belo Essentials or follow @BeloKojic on Twitter to find out more.


Congratulations to Celin Mendoza, Ronie Maranga, Mikai MA, Love del Rosario and Shierry Rose Mendoza! I have little notes for you in reply to your comments below!

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  1. I want to win and try out the Belo Intensive Whitening Line for my boyfriend. He's into biking for a several months now and he keeps on forgetting to put on sunblock! Let's see if this line would do wonders for his black&white skin now. :)

    FB: Weng Cutangco

  2. Hello Ms. Frances! Thank you for your very honest review about the new Belo essentials. I really like the way you review products whether its sponsored or not. Hehe Anyways, I wanted to try and win the Belo Intensive Whitening line because I really wanted to have a fairer skin. I have uneven skin tone and dark elbows and I was born with a not so fair complexion. I hope that this is the one that I have been looking for and the answer to my skin problems. Thank you for this chance. ☺
    FB: Maria Theresa Maranga

  3. I have a typical morena Filipina skin. No doubt that it looks good. However, a little fairer skin won't harm as well. Me and husband rode in an L300 van (with no aircon) to and from our office. That is from Pque. to Ortigas. Our skin were overly exposed to sun everyday. My husband already has a fair skin however his left arm was visibly darker than the rest of his body due to driving. It is actually a little bit depressing. On my part, the effect on my skin was excessive dryness. What we do was to put lotion everyday to atleast hydrate our skin. Belo's Intensive Whitening line will be a great help in protecting our skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun most especially the body cream which has an spf 30. We could perfectly share it. In additon, belo's soap and face cream will not only give me a little glow but can also help me in minimizing the pimpli scars I got during my last pregnancy. Thanks and God Bless!

    FB: Celin Hiwatig Mendoza

    1. Congrats! You won a set! I liked how you plan for it to be for you and hubby I suggest you slice the soap, though, kasi ang bili niya matunaw. Please send me a DM via my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize.

  4. Good day Ms. Frances! I wanted to win this Belo Intensive Whitening line for my wife. Her skin is not that fair and she has uneven skin tone. Now she has been searching for an effective whitening products that could help her achieve a fairer and young looking skin. She is already in her 40's now and we have 3 children and she wants to feel and look good and be as confident as before. I believe that Belo produces great and effective products. I want her to use and have this. Hope you could help me. Thank you so much! Have a nice day.
    FB: Ronie Maranga

    1. Congrats! You won a set! I liked how you want it for your wife, who is just like me—with three kids and, well, I'll be 40 soon! And syempre because you said Belo makes great products. Belo will like that heehee Please send me a DM via my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize.

  5. I wanna try this because of 2 things - 1. I want to even out the colors of my face. I still have pimple marks from my years of acne battle and ang tagal nila mawala, it takes months! 2. Embarrassingly, for my underams.. :/ I wanna wear sleeveless top (short sleeve blouses) without being conscious of raising my arms!

    FB: Russelle Anne Roque

  6. I want to win the Belo Intensive Whitening line because I want to try it for myself. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and for me to keep my skin in good complexion. Even though I am a guy, I need to take good care of my skin for me to look good inside and out.

    FB: Rennel Aguiman

  7. First of all I want to greet you and your family especially your cute kids, a Happy Easter Sunday! I have been following and reading your blogs especially those topics about mommies. Because I was a mom too, a first time mom actually. I have learned a lot of infos and ideas about parenting from you. You are such an inspiration. And for that, thank you so much. :) I just gave birth 6 months ago and just like you, I have a lot of acne scars and discolorations I also got from my pregnancy. I also have dark stretchmarks right now in my tummy and thighs. �� I believe that Belo Intensive Whitening line could help me lighten my dark spots. I love it because it has also face cream and body lotion, a complete set indeed. I hope it could also help in lightening my stretchmarks. I really wanted to try the most talked beauty product for this month. I don't want just any beauty product, I need a trusted one and I hope that's the Belo essentials. Have a great day ahead! ☺☺☺

    FB: Mikai MA

    1. Congrats! You won a set! I liked how we're the same—mommy who needs help with fading acne scars and discoloration all over the body because of our pregnancies. And Happy Easter to you and your family, too! Please send me a DM via my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize.

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  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Congrats! You won a set! I liked how you really paid attention to its special ingredient. Sabi kasi ng Belo they really want people to know that tranexamic acid is what makes their soap better than the competition. Please send me a DM via my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize.

  10. I want to win to even out the dark spots on my face. I am a breastfeeding mom like you and since you are using it, I believe that it will be safe for me to use it as well.

    FB: Kaye Quiros-Jacinto

  11. I wanna try the Belo Intensive Whitening Body Lotion, face & neck cream. I already tried the soap and I liked it, Its far different from other Kojic Soap that I have tried.

    FB: Jeda Gonzales

  12. I want to win the Belo Intensive whitening line because, I feel really guilty in terms of Dark UA so that is why I really would like to give this product a try. I am also an Online tutor so most of the time I am talking to my student through Video, I want to look fresh and maybe Prettier than usual,I do have dark spots on my face as well due to pimple that I wanted to get rid off..
    God Bless on your Blog Mommy Frances.

    FB: Jocris Mangubat

  13. Hi! I hope I'd be given the chance to win this because I need it. I use lotions with spf on a daily basis as it is a necessity these days. My face has frecles and sunspots that I'd like to get rid of and this would be of help I suppose. Hoping I get to try it!
    FB: Nikki Zapata Dacanay

  14. I have never used any whitening products before despite being called (or maybe made fun of) during my teenage years as some one "dark" (maitim). It never affected my confidence (or who knows maybe that's the reason why I had to develop my excellent personality and one of a kind humor haha!). Told you walang effect sa confidence level ko eh. Hehe. I want to try this though because 1) It will be free 2) It's made by Belo 3) Try anything once philosophy. So we'll see maybe after trying this one I'll change heart and start using brightening creams? :)

    FB name: Love del Rosario (loveptrp@yahoo.com)

    1. Congrats! You won a set! I liked how honest you are when your number one reason for wanting this is because it's free haha. Please send me a DM via my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize.

  15. Hi Ms.Frances,I would love to try this new Belo Intensive Whitening,i wanna have lighter skin because it will boost my confidence by looking fresh and clean all the time.
    FB Name: Ann Cagalingan

  16. I want to give my complexion a lighter and fairer skin tone that's why I want to win and try Belo's Intensive Whitening line. This is one of the best times I can try it because I won't be going out as often now. Hope I can try and see how it will pamper and lighten my skin! :D
    FB: Istin Dizon Paigna

  17. Hello Ms. Frances,

    I wanna try the Belo Intensive Whitening products because it is the cheapest way to have a kutis na pang artista. lol

    fb.com/lorienocasa :)

  18. Hi Frances, I want to try Belo Intensive Whitening line to lighten up some parts of my legs. I have atopic dermatitis and I've been wearing pants and maxi dresses for many years because of my skin problem. Hope it will effective so I could wear shorts or skirts this summer.

    Super thanks :)

    FB: Marites Legamia Quitoriano - https://www.facebook.com/marites

  19. I'm a fan of the soap and I have a feeling that if I will use this set, it will lighten my freckles. My freckles since birth na lalong nagmamaganda kapag summer at nasisikatan ng araw! I also want to even out my skin, para naman pag nagspaghetti strap blouse or tube ako, pantay ang kulay ng katawan at arms ko, wala akong imaginary sleeves. :)

    FB NAME : Belle Don Marquez

  20. Thank you so much, everyone, for joining! Please know that whiter skin will not make you more beautiful. Pantay skin na soft and smooth and healthy, yes, but please don't ever believe na basta maputi, maganda, okay???

    1. Yup! That's so true Ms. Frances. I certainly agree with that. What matters most are your values in life more than the physical attributes. Nevertheless, Belo has its way of enhancing our physical imperfections due to our lifestyle and environmental change and the product is really good at that. I won in your contest!!! Hooray! Who wouldn't want to have a free product diba? Specially when it came from Belo. Thank you
      Mommy Frances!

      By the way, what is DM via my blog's Facebook page in your reply Ms. Frances? or is it PM? thanks again!