Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Ham for my Noche Buena!

This post is brought to you by Holiday Ham.

I can't wait for Christmas to serve ham. I haven't had Christmas ham in years. YEARS! While ham was an ubiquitous part of the Amper family's Noche Buena and New Year's Day handaan, when my grandparents died in 2008, no one served ham anymore. I seriously don't know why.

I'm so excited to start the tradition again with my own family this year! For our very first Christmas with ham, I’m trying Holiday Ham! Why Holiday Ham? After doing some research (a.k.a. checking out the Facebook page), I found these reasons to get Holiday Ham for my Noche Buena:
It's the pig's hind leg. Like the whole hind leg. Hindi siya iba-ibang parts ng baboy na pinagtagpi-tagpi!

Yes, no extenders! As you can see from this picture, iba talaga ang isang buong pata ng baboy. Just look at that fine layer of fat and juicy pinkness!

The squares on the skin isn't a design feature. Those are net marks because apparently only whole-meat hams can be smoked in ham nets.

And to be extra sure, hindi na ako naghintay ng Pasko. I opened my ham so I can test it and taste the difference!
Sealed twice for extra protection.
Ready to eat! Just thaw first. Or pop in the oven if you want it warm.
It may be siksik but it yielded to the knife readily. It was that tender!
Look. At. That.
Serving it with Danes Queso de Bola.
This is the best ham sandwich ever.

Moms, this Holiday Whole-Meat Ham is sooooo masarap. Even my infamously difficult-to-please husband gave it his seal of approval. That’s a big thing! It’s really meaty and juicy and tender. Malasa at malinamnam pa. I’m so happy I’m serving this for Christmas!

Funny pa while Vince and I were eating our ham and cheese sandwiches, we were talking about what our families did with what was left of the ham. I said my Lola Auring sliced up the ham for palaman sa pan de sal (with leftover queso de bola of course!) for breakfast on Christmas Day, then cubed and mixed into a savory macaroni salad for New Year's Day. If there still happens to be any ham left from that point, it's chopped up and added to vegetable soups and fried rice. Vince said his mom did the same thing! How about you? What did you do with your ham? Although feeling ko lang that that won’t be the story of my Holiday Ham. It’s masarap papakin so ang paniwala ko is mauubos siya ng pamilya ko sa Pasko. 

Meaty. Juicy. Full of flavor. Delicious. And affordable! The Holiday Ham is soooo not expensive! Check out the SRPs: The 1.5 kg ham is only P735 while the 1 kilo ham is just P490. It also available as pre-sliced (for extra convenience!) for the same prices!

Check out the Holiday Ham Facebook page and website for recipes, cooking videos and promos!

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