Monday, December 21, 2015

That horrible, wonderful moment Miss Philippines won Miss Universe 2015

Awkward, yes, but how cute is Miss USA to our Miss Philippines?

Describe epic fail. I kent. I kent!

And the spelling of Philippines and Colombia, ha!

Kaloka forever!

It's okay, Stevie. We forgive you. We wouldn't want to be in your shoes really. You've been punished enough. Move on na tayo to this...!

So proud of you, Pia!!! Congratulations!

More dramatic photos here: Daily Mail: Steve Harvey announces WRONG winner!

Aww. It's okay na, Steve. I'm sure you were just super excited. We love you na!

Plus, Miss Colombia is ever so gracious. She was crying when she was ambushed for this backstage interview but she is grace under pressure talaga! We love you, too, Miss Colombia!!!

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  1. Super agree!!!

    I didn't like USA at first but sobrang naaliw ako sa reaction niya. Tawang tawa siya!

    1. Ya, sobra siyang, "OMG, gurl, ikaw raw ang nanalo! Pramis!!!" =D


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