Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A non-techie review of Starmobile PLAY Click phone from Smart

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications. 

Today I'm going to do a short review of the new Starmobile PLAY Click smartphone. Since I'm not a techie, I briefly toyed with the idea of letting my husband (the former editor-in-chief of T3 magazine) do the review. But since he is very busy editing and writing, I decided I'd do the job!

Meet the Starmobile PLAY Click smartphone. I've had this phone for one month now. I got it from the Smart Unbox event. Yes, it was free! Every guest got a free phone! Look who's checking out the PLAY Click phone at the event: my 4-year-old Iñigo!

This phone is supposed to be an entry-level phone. That means it's for people entering the smartphone category. By partnering with Smart, Starmobile made the PLAY Click super affordable. You can get this phone for only P1,288. I knoooooow! Smartphone yan, ha! P1,288 lang!

Okay, quick review:
Matte silver back
Sharp and clear screen.
That empty space beside Facebook had Instagram which was accidentally
and mysteriously deleted by someone in my house.

How it looks - It looks fine. I got a silver one. I love the display—so bright and clear and super sharp! But ang liwanag sobra when I use it at night sa dilim. No auto brightness so I have to adjust manually.

How it feels - I like the weight of it. It's not as light as my iPhone 6, yung tipong lilipad sa kamay mo. The Play Click phone feels solid. Not heavy, just solid. 

How it sounds - A bit tinny for me. Well, what did I expect from such tiny speakers? But remember that I'm old enough to have been raised listening to music from giant speakers, where every tone is full bodied. So listening to music on a smartphone has never been a satisfactory experience for me.

How it connects - The phone comes with a Smart Super Pack SIM which gives me 100MB of data plus P30 load rewards every month. Okay naman ang speed niya but when I have a lot going on, the phone loads data slow na.

How it takes photos - Sadly, not a very good camera when taking photos indoors. Okay siya pag maraming light so do your selfies by a big sunny window or your #ootds outside.

How it lasts - Depends on how you use it, I guess. Some days, ubos agad ang battery. Some days, I don't have to charge till the next day. Ubos ang battery niya agad when I play all the music or watch videos on the Smart Life app!

It's a good starter phone when you're entering the smartphone market. It's nice to hold, simple to use, intuitive, and because it's bundled with Smart, it's just easier to enjoy because Smart already preloaded it with all the things that make smartphones so fun—like social apps and Smart Life.

Yes, the Smart Life app! I really really love it! It's a special service for Smart subscribers that offers perks and discounts, free music and videos, and games.

I haven't used any of the perks and I don't play games, but I am super enjoying the music! Because of Smart Life, I now have the dubious honor of finally knowing what Kanye West sounds like and his music is actually good pala! I'm also getting to know a lot of new artists.
Discounts and freebies!
Little old me is discovering new songs!
... and watching scary movies.

I also just started watching this scary movie. Hindi ko siya matapos-tapos because my kids are always interrupting me! There's also lots of videos of the Olympics on the Smart Life app now so that's great to watch, too, while you're commuting or waiting somewhere.

My verdict? Get a Starmobile PLAY Click smartphone! Great for your kids kasi it has all the features of a smartphone except the price. At just P1,288 from Smart, that's crazy cheap! So kahit mawala nila, hindi masakit hehe. Promo is until August 31, 2016.

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