Saturday, December 03, 2016

How your family photo can brighten up the lives of an entire barangay

This post is brought to you by Lady's Choice.

In my little home filled with little kids and lots of love, the lights are on almost all the time. My little boys have recently discovered the idea of ghosts and monsters and fears, and nothing dispels those fears like a bright light and a mama hug.

So when I watched this video of a community in a far-flung area of my dearly loved country (seriously, I have never felt so much passion for the Philippines and my fellow Filipinos till this year!), I couldn't help it. Naiyak talaga ako! What a little light can do! Watch it, watch it!

Napakasimpleng bagay, napakalaking saya at tulong ang nagawa!

And all that gratitude. All that gratitude really literally lit up their barangay. Just as it made me realize yet all over again that gratitude will light up my life. So let's think of one thing we're grateful for, mommies. Now let's pray: Thank You, Father God, for Your unfailing goodness and mercy to us.

Now, I believe that God is good but I also believe that He uses us as His instruments to bless other people. So here's where we come in! We can help Lady's Choice light up more barangays with the simplest action—Post a picture of your family on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #ThankUTogether. Each photo posted with that hashtag will guarantee that Lady's Choice will light up another barangay.

Your family can help another family. Eto na ang perfect time for all of us to proudly share our family photos because it's for a good cause. Here's the photo I posted:

Was playing around with PhotoWonder app and this one reminded my eldest son Vito of snow (they're sparkles, not snow, though). He said he wishes we can spend #Christmas2016 "somewhere snowy." ❄️ I don't care where we spend it as long as I'm with all the people in this picture. They're my bestest ever gift - my family! ❤️ Show me photos of your families! Did you know that Lady's Choice promises to give lights to the Sitio Casile community with each photo of a happy family??? Yes! That's the only reason I'm posting our family pic and asking my friends (hello @gingerarboleda and @patfancygirl!) and followers to do the same so we can all help our brothers and sisters in Sitio Casile celebrate Christmas better! 🌲 Post a photo of your #family and use the hashtag #ThankUTogether. It's for a good cause! Plus, you get to show off your beautiful family! 🎉🎊 Win-win for all this merry season! #SalesVIP #momlife #boys #brothers #momblogger #blogger #bloggerlife #mombloggerlife #bloggerPH
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Please post your family photos, everyone! It's for a good cause!

Lady's Choice already lit up Sitio Naubo in Negros Oriental, as you saw in the video, and how can we not be moved by all those beautiful faces lit up by happy smiles? So amazing. So let's light up more faces and barangays! The next one is Sitio Casile in Antipolo, Rizal.

Look—even celebrities have joined the cause!

We need more family photos! As of Instagram's report, there's only 81 family pics with the #ThankUTogether hashtag. We need 5,000 family photos so post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Make sure your posts are set to public so that it will be counted.

Please please pleeeeeeeeeease post your family picture! Please support Lady's Choice in their campaign for a brighter country and a merrier Christmas. I'm counting on you!

Learn more about the #ThankUTogether For A Cause campaign at the website of Lady's Choice.

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