Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fancy a Solaire Staycation

It's sem break soon and I'm planning a staycation for my family. With all the hustle and bustle of being a working mama, I'm really looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Some peace and quiet. Some time together with the hubby and the kids and we're not doing homework or household chores. But because travel can be just as exhausting, a staycation is the perfect solution.

I've been checking out hotels in the Manila area. That would be Pasay, Metro Manila, ParaƱaque—basically the whole area facing Manila Bay. It's by the sea and far enough so it looks like we went somewhere different, but it's near enough so we won't die of the stress of travel. Wow, there are a lot of hotels there! And I'd love to stay at the Solaire Resort Manila.

When we watched the much beloved musical The Sound of Music a couple of weeks ago, that was my first time to go to Solaire ever. It was actually my family's first time ever to even go to that area of the city. It was so big and so vast and so peaceful. I couldn't believe Roxas Blvd and EDSA were just a few minutes away!

So I checked out Solaire's website and, mommies, they have a special offer if you watch The Sound of Music! The Theatre Night Staycation! So after your lovely time at the theater, you can sing every song your heart just heard in your ultra-luxe room overlooking the bay or the city.

Theatre Night Staycation

A Theatre Night Staycation is available exclusively to TicketWorld ticket holders and only while the show is running—so you have one week left! The package includes buffet breakfast for two grownups and two kids. And it's 15% off best available room rate!

I haven't seen the rooms personally but I have seen the Theatre at Solaire and watched The Sound of Music with my boys and it is a real must-see, mamas. My husband and I loved it! My boys—even the little 3-year-old one—loved it! The Sound of Music is showing until Oct. 22, 2017.

Please buy your tickets now at TicketWorld!!! And if you fancy a Theatre Night Staycation at the Solaire after your musical experience, book here.

Solaire Staycation

Now if you're like me and have either already watched Sound of Music or just prefer a quiet holiday, then there's the Solaire Staycation package, which is perfect for families. That's the one I'm looking at. At P16,000++ a night, the staycation feels a bit lavish, but we get to enjoy the luxurious amenities, fill up at the breakfast buffet and excellent restaurants, and enjoy a massage. Mmmmm... To know more about this fancy family holiday, click here.

Both Staycation packages include P1,000 Food and Beverage Credit. So you can choose to treat your family at Yakumi, Finestra, Red Lantern, Waterside Restobar, or Fresh International Buffet. The Solaire Staycation adds Solaire Pool Bar and The Patisserie to your choices.

And if you feasted too much, you can burn off all those calories at the fitness center, indoor jacuzzi, wet and dry sauna, and the massive swimming pool by the sea!

Sounds superb! Really thinking about a staycation at Solaire! Have you been there, mamas? Do tell what it's like!

*photos courtesy of Solaire Resort Manila 

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