Wednesday, October 31, 2018

7 Netflix shows to watch this Halloween

It's Halloween tonight, mamas! If you...

a) are exhausted from all your kids' costumed activities
b) want to just chill out but also get scared
c) have nothing to do for the rest of the long weekend

... then you must turn the TV on and go on a Netflix binge! Here are my recommendations:

1. The Haunting of Hill House
I've always believed the house I grew up in had evil spirits. I never told anyone so it freaked me out when a few months ago, my sister and my niece said on separate occasions that they also encountered shadowy figures in that house. I'm not surprised. A lot of evil happened in that house. The worst? My mother died there.

So when I watched the TV series, The Haunting of Hill House, I was totally sold on the idea that a house could be evil, collecting souls to keep itself alive. The most horrifying thing is the devastation it causes a family. But what makes this show so riveting and relatable is the true horror: that we are capable of doing evil in the name of love.

2. Coraline
Coraline is a tweenager upset that her family moved to a rundown house in the middle of nowhere. She hates the house, she dislikes the neighbors, and she's angry at her parents the most for never paying attention to her and dragging her to this awful new home. Things get interesting when a strange small door leads her to a world exactly like hers... but much better! The neighbors are fascinating, the food is home-cooked and delicious, and the parents are doting and devoted. Will Coraline choose this better world or will she stay with the familiar and, more importantly, where she is safe?

Watch this movie with your kids! It gets scary towards the end. But I like that it drove home the lesson that there's no place like home!

3. American Horror Story
I'm late to the viewing party. There are already 8 seasons of this show but I'm still in the first one. It's quite addicting even though the writing and acting is sooo bad! It's scary, too, so it's worth watching if you like the idea of following a family wade through infidelity, teenage drama, and marriage trauma while dealing with strange new neighbors (dead and alive).

4. 1922
Okay, another haunted house! Or more accurately, a haunted family. A man murders his wife. Worse, he asked his son to help him commit the crime. Why? Because she had big dreams and wanted to move to the city, while he wanted to stay on the farm she owned. Okay, we all know marriage is tough and compromise even tougher but murder is never the solution! Watch this movie with your hubby. Maybe that's not a good idea.

5. Cargo
Can you imagine this scene: You're turning into a zombie and you have to frantically look for someone to take care of your baby? As a mommy of three boys, that's the true horror for me. Some things in life can't be prevented—you get sick, you get hit by a car, or in this post-apocalyptic movie, you get turned into a zombie. Not being glib about it, just stating that no matter what we do, some tragedies will happen anyway. As a parent, our real nightmare is who's going to take care of the kids when we're gone? Watch this movie to see how one dad battled zombies and (worse!) other humans to make sure his baby will be safe.

6. The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell
If you love cooking shows like I do, then this is the show for you! You can even watch this with your kids because not only does it have delectable treats (in creepy forms), it also has puppets! It's got wonderful costumes and lovely 60s-style sets. The dreamy kitchen of a lovely soft-spoken woman who creates horrific edibles. Really crazy and fun!

7. Creeped Out
If you loved Twilight Zone and want your kids to have the same experience but won't scare or confuse them too much, then watch Creeped Out with them. I like that there's a moral that comes with each episode, too. But don't tell your kids that! Let them figure it out on their own. For example, a girl hates that her parents tell her what to do so she gets her wish granted: her parents do whatever she wants! She has fun with the new arrangement first but quickly starts missing her parents. Now how does she get her parents—and their "bossiness"—back?

Watch these shows and movies on Netflix now. There are actually so many more frightening movies, TV series, and documentaries that you'll find. Some I'm too scared to watch (like The Conjuring and The Haunted) but if you're braver than me, click here to subscribe!


  1. I'm too "duwag" now to watch scary films. Pero dati, lagi kami may horror movie marathon ng family ko. I can't count how many scary movies we watched sa sobrang dami. Now, I get easily scared. I can't even close my eyes when I'm washing my face when "kaduwagan" strikes haha! Pass ako dito but I'll tell my friends about your recommendations.

  2. I’ve watched Coraline and Cargo and yeah, these are good movies. I love the moral lesson from Coraline and I think my daughter learned from it. In fact, she always check my eyes, haha! I cried when I watched Cargo, it touched my heart and the baby’s very cute. :) Next in line is 1922. Thank you for the recommendations by the way. Sa sobrang dami kasi ng choices nauubos din oras ko kakapili ng movie sa netflix haha!


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