Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I need these for my house!

Well, not really need them but it sure would be nice to have them sitting in my house.

I found this list on Buzzfeed on ingenious household items. These are what caught my eye:
Joseph Joseph's Arena Dish Rack
My dish rack is Rubbermaid and it's old. I think I've had this since 2002. It's kinda yucky now but I can't get myself to buy those bamboo or wooden slotted drying things because they're so ordinary. But this Arena rack is stylish! Now if only it came in black and white or all white!

Quirky Mocubo One Stop Chop Bamboo Cutting Board
Okay, I don't need a chopping board because I have an amazing thick slab of wood that I bought from Dimensione and it is a magnificent chopping board. But I like Quirky's storage compartments. They slide in so I can contain the smells of garlic and onion and ginger for example, and they slide out so I can just dump the sliced ingredients straight to the pan! Genius! But I don't need a chopping board. Just saying that I love the compartments idea!

Satechi USB Portable Amazing Humidifier
Okay, I want this because my kids are just recovering from a really bad cold and I was advised to put basins of steaming hot water around the bed to humidify the air which will help the kids breathe. But I just couldn't do it because my kids sometimes just suddenly wake up and jump off the bed in the middle of the night and I do not want them stepping into basins of steaming hot water! This Satechi humidifier would've been dope.

Actually, what I really really need are pretty storage containers for my documents, press releases and products. I am looking for large white boxes with lids. Like these:

This is from IKEA

This is the peg:
image from Houzz.com
Gorgeous! I'm obsessed! (And I'm really wanting an all-white house now.) Where can I buy these in Manila???

Friday, August 23, 2013

Watsons gives out awards!

My publicist friend Marcie Linao (because she saw that I blogged about my Watsons shopping) asked me to tell you that the health and beauty shop is honoring some of the brands they carry. Behold! The winners of the Watsons Health Wellness Beauty Awards!

Basically, these are the brands that performed well in terms of sales, promos, customer service and (of course!) product excellence. The winners are:

  • Maybelline for Mascara Brand of the Year
  • ProActiv for Acne Care Brand of the Year
  • Dove Hair Care for Shampoo Brand of the Year
  • Kojie San for Bath Soap Brand of the Year
  • Colgate for Oral Whitening Brand of the Year
  • Ralph Lauren for Prestige Fragrance Brand of the Year
  • Nivea Men for Men’s Grooming Brand of the Year
  • Myra E for Adult Vitamin Brand of the Year
  • Ceelin for Children’s Vitamin Brand of the Year
  • Ascof for Cough Remedy Brand of the Year
  • ATC Redoxfat for Slimming Brand of the Year
  • Belo Glutathione for Whitening Brand of the Year
I agree with the Dove Hair Care, Colgate and Nivea Men. For vitamins, I highly recommend Sangobion, the organic iron supplement with vitamins and minerals! Anyway, that's just a few of the brands Watsons loves. For the complete list of the winners, visit www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH

To make it easier to spot the winners on the shelves of Watsons, just look for the Watsons Recommends Seal of Excellence:

Must go to Watsons again, by the way! We always need tissue. We go through tissue so fast! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How does one get greedy?

I asked Vince over the weekend, "How much money do you think we need?"

He replied, "Just a little more. We're fine."

I know what he meant. He meant we're living a comfortable life but we need just a bit more so that the kids' education and our family's health requirements, should those arise, will be covered.

So I wondered how much would that cost. How much does a full education (grade school, high school and 4-year college course in a really good school) cost? How much will we need in case someone gets into an accident, gets cancer, gets some disease? My mind, not really sharp when it comes to money since I grew up without it, started going, "We'll need maybe 20 million pesos. We can live off the monthly interest. We can invest, too. Yes, just 20. That should do it. Wait, if I want to send the kids to IS or to the British School, we'll need a million or so a year. Twenty won't do!"

Then I started thinking, "Well, since we have boys, we really should get a house with a big garden. Definitely in a gated community for security. That house should start at 12 million. Then that will be enough. But we'll need to travel! Travel is the best education. We'll go around the world, experience all kinds of cultures. Yes, yes, and business class, of course, and nice hotels. Then that would be enough." Now, how much would all of that cost? Just thinking about it makes me tired. Vince and I will need to work hard and smart if we want to become mega-millionaires.

To be honest, I don't want to be that rich. Too much money is scary. Whenever I see in the news that someone won the lotto (last month's P178 million prize had just one winner), I always wonder what the winner would do with the money. And we've all heard about those stories that no matter how huge the prize is, all that money disappears in no time flat. (Plus, it attracts all sorts of negative energy.) Seems to me, once you have enough, you'll still want more.

image grabbed from Facebook
(check out the Jeane Napoles's Rage Page)

I guess I'm thinking these things because I can't understand how someone gets greedy. The numbers that the Napoles and Co. (that company being the illustrious members of our Congress and Senate) have allegedly stolen from us is, well, I can't even imagine it. Seriously, my mind can't fathom billions of pesos. I tried thinking about it, "What if I were Napoles? Why would I think I need 28 houses in the Philippines? Why would I need 30 cars?"

I was told the government officials needed the money for the elections, which are very expensive. So I guess they really need it to stay in power. Not that I think that's an acceptable reason.

Okay, enough. I promised to keep things light and shallow here. But there... I just want to understand because I really can't understand how anyone can just keep wanting more and more and more.

Are you going?