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Hi everyone! I'm Frances. Thanks so much for dropping by my little, old blog. Yes, it's old. I've been blogging since 2006.

My love for blogging stems from my love for writing. I'm a writer and editor, and sometimes I do PR for family-friendly brands. As a blogger, I'm grateful for my readers—women who are brave, honest, authentic, and struggling with marriage, motherhood, and career, just like me!

I'm married to a novelist and editor. We have 3 sons. I love magazines, Hollywood and British royalty, online shopping, and following Instagram accounts of dogs, cats, and tiny houses. Since I'm a freelance writer and editor, I work from home. My blog also helps me earn a good income so you'll encounter sponsored content from time to time. I like that my hobby—blogging—earns money because it allows me to stay home to be with my boys.

I want to celebrate working women, especially working mothers, on my blog. I want to bring together mothers of boys so we can learn how to raise real men. We have much to learn and teach each other!

Topaz Horizon has a Facebook page! Many of my readers drop me a line there or comment on my blog posts there. I kinda like it better since I get to see the faces behind the comments.

If you want to be friends, just email me ( or leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. I am so happy you're here! Thank you and I hope you have a good time here.

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Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Copyright and Other Policies

This blog is a personal project, a little hobby. I want to assure my readers that all the opinions expressed here are my own. Even the sponsored posts are honestly written since I only work with brands I use or believe in. 

Please be reminded that I write out of my own experience with my marriage, my kids, and the products I feature. Please do not do or buy anything that I do/use and assume the exact thing will happen to you! Everything I write here is for informational (sometimes for entertainment!) purposes only, and anything I suggest is just, well, a suggestion. So, for example, if you decide to use a diaper my kids use/d and your baby suffers a rash, or if you decide to have three kids, too, then get freaked out because three kids are a lot to feed, I'm afraid I can't compensate you or be held responsible in any way whatsoever! (If your problem is with a product I featured, kindly take it up with the company. Thank you!)

A blog is an online diary shared to the public. Please read at your own risk! While I am a happy mommy, I'm not an expert mommy. I have many thoughts about parenting and the stuff I use to make this journey easier, and these thoughts are often typed quickly, spontaneously and unedited. I sometimes revise the content after publication when readers point out spelling and grammatical mistakes, so I welcome advise and correction!

I do, however, reserve the right to monitor comments and will not publish or respond to comments that are abusive, profane, idiotic or just plain rude. So please let's be nice!

Since this is a blog that spans years, I must admit that my opinions change. For example, I always said I was never going to have kids and look at me now! So while I cringe at some blog posts I wrote early on, I keep them there to remind me of how I've grown—hopefully wiser—over the years. That said, you are welcome to read through my awkward changes but please don't judge me solely on a few posts, especially old ones, since my thoughts back then may not be the same as the ones I hold now.

You are also welcome to share my blog posts with all your family and friends! But please be reminded that all content is my property, except for some photos and poems and music which are all credited and linked properly. You may use some of my content if you wish, just tell me, and credit me or link back to the blog.  

As for me, I also credit readers' content. That means letters, emails, gifts, Tweets, Facebook messages and posts. I will assume that all correspondence posted publicly (a.k.a. on social media) is okay to be shared through my online and print media. Private messages and gifts from private citizens will be treated as confidential unless I think it's worth sharing and you will be assured that I will ask your permission first before I share to the public.