Sunday, June 25, 2023

Life is so full, I can barely breathe

Photo dump! Today's blog post will be a catch-up because my last time here was April 30. That was almost 2 months ago. This has got to be the longest I've been away from you all. I missed you! 

The last 2 months were packed to the brim - no, it was overflowing! - with sooo many things happening, I could barely breathe. Here are a few:

Mother's Day!
IƱigo's birthday! More pics in another post soon.
Vito's spiritual retreat was his first ever time spent away from us. I had dreadful separation anxiety. But I'm so glad he had a good time and he was a lovely boy, being all appreciative of his family.
Vito's graduation!
He won 2 awards, too!
I'm so thrilled!
With my two big boys
And here's my husband with our littlest boy.

Lots of stuff I haven't been sharing! Here are more photos from the past year!

At the sea wall. The kids haven't seen the sea in forever so I found it amusing how amazed they were.
Piero joined a chess club.
The kids also visited the dentist and all's good!
Dessert date with the boys!
Vince had a book signing at the Philippine Book Festival and his book was sold out!

Oh, I have soooo many more photos and stories but work - my day job + my real job as writer and editor - has been a LOT so I haven't been able to update you. Really just wanted to drop by and tell you life's been overwhelming. I'm overwhelmed, to be honest. Like I said, sometimes I feel I can't breathe. Sunod-sunod kasi talaga!  

But I'm not complaining. I pray to God, "Lord, give me strength, give me more years. Everything is tiring me out but I want the whole human experience. I don't want to miss out because I only have this one chance to live the abundant life You promised." 

Abundance! Claiming it every day. Thanks for still being here, dear Loyal Reader. May God grant you endless blessings and favor!

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10