Monday, July 31, 2023

Many, many things

Oh, look, I'm wearing heels again! As a stay-at-home mom, I've been either barefoot or in sneakers. Then I went back to the office this year but since I commute, I'm still in sneakers. I wear the footwear my role requires. So these heels are for when I met a fascinating group of amazing women for Lean In Manila. 

I've been so many things. Church receptionist. Preschool teacher. Creative writing for kids teacher. English teacher for Koreans. Senate slave. Speechwriter. PR girl. Writer. Magazine editor. Blogger. Influencer. Business owner. Speaker at women's events. Co-founder. Author. Book editor. And now communications manager at a thoroughly corporate corporation.

Every step into a new world was painful. I sound so casual about it, but I always cry and cry whenever I leave a job because, it can't be helped, I begin to identify as the job - always a bad idea, my long career experience will say. And leaving a job, getting fired (yes, I got fired for being honest!), getting laid off, is always shitty.

When I was a kid, I vowed I will be just one thing all my life. My mother was in Meralco forever and she said that's the dream - one company till you retire. Like a marriage, I guess. But my resume says I've not been one thing at all. 

My sons argued, "But you have been, Mama! You've always worked with words." 

"It's the only thing I'm good at."

It's been interesting being many things, meeting many kinds of people, jumping into things I know absolutely nothing about and just going, "Well, if I fail, then next!" I owe this confidence to Vince, by the way, because he catches me. And I catch him.

Anyway, I don't have a point. Just a story to tell. That life is interesting. And people are interesting. I just need to be curious and willing to say yes to new adventures, especially those I swore I'm not brave enough to do or know. Like new careers, marriage, children, people I thought I'd never be friends with, God.

I'm 46. I know I'm only just warming up. Whether that new world requires sneakers or heels, I'm still so excited to see where I'm going next!

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Do’s and Don'ts sa iyong unang small business

I'm a sole proprietor of my writing and editing business. I had no idea how to start a small business but thanks to my friends in Taxumo, they helped me. So if you're dreaming, hoping, and wanting to start your own negosyo, research, ask around from entrepreneurial friends, and take the leap! Here's a guest post that I'm sure will be of help!

Let your money grow!

Ikaw ba ay nagpaplano na magbukas ng iyong small business ideas? When it’s your first time starting a business, it is better to start small. Lalo na kung limited lang ang iyong puhunan, magandang panimula ang small business ideas para matuto sa paghandle ng iyong negosyo.

Kung ikaw ay desidido na magbukas ng iyong small business, ito ang mga tips at mga do’s and don’ts when starting your small business!

DO: Research your market

Ang pinaka-mahalagang step when starting your business is to research your market. Mahalagang alamin kung ano ang wants at needs ng iyong mga customer. Ang mga tanong na mahalagang sagutin ay “Sino ang iyong target market?” “Ano ang mga kadalasang needs at wants ng iyong target market?” at “paano mo maaaring punan ang mga pangangailangan na ito?”

This first step is the important part when making the decision on whether to open your business, what services or products to offer, at kung ang iyong posibleng branding.

DON’T: Skip business planning

Never skip business planning! Mula sa market research, ang sunod na step ay to plan your business and have an outline. It is important to specify your goals and vision for your business, para rin iyong malaman ang possible steps and methods kung paano mo aabutin ang iyong mga goals.

DO: Get your business permit

Common misconception sa mga small business owners na hindi na kailangan ng permit para magsimula ng negosyo. Pero alam mo ba na mahalaga itong step para sa iyong negosyo?

Bukod sa makakaiwas ka sa komplikasyon dahil legal ang iyong negosyo, isa rin itong mahalagang factor para mapalago ang iyong negosyo sa future. If you want to expand your business in the future, kailangan mo ang mga permit na ito to get your loans and fundings sorted out.

DON’T: Be shy when promoting your business

One of the traits you should have is confidence and trust in your business. Huwag ka dapat mahiya na ipakilala ang iyong bagong negosyo sa iyong mga kamag anak, kakilala, at mga kaibigan! Sabi nga nila, ang tunay mong mga kaibigan ang siyang susuporta sa iyong business venture.

Mahalaga rin na gamitin mo ang social media to promote your business. Hindi mo agad kailangan gumamit ng paid ads, mahalaga lang ay alam mo ang kiliti ng iyong mga customer.

DO: Keep track of your financials

A small business is still a business. It is important to respect your hard work and your goals by keeping track of your finances. Make sure to take note of what goes in and out of your finances. Dito rin makikita kung tunay na mabenta ang iyong mga produkto, malaki ba ang losses, o kung anong specific products and services ang pinaka gusto ng iyong mga customer.

DON’T: Give up easily on your plans

Owning a business is no walk in the park. May mga panahon na hindi mo mare-reach ang iyong goals, o may challenges na makakasalubong. Pero ang mahalaga ay maniwala ka sa iyong goals at ang iyong pangarap. Do not give up on your small business dreams!

Are you ready to start your small business? Milk tea business man iyan o sari-sari store business, your first negosyo is the start of your big dreams!