Saturday, September 30, 2017

Review: Flawless Thermolift + 1 month after treatment

I'm 40 years old and while I like to think I look good for a middle-aged mama, I know I definitely am a middle-aged mama. I like my laugh lines, how my eyes crinkle at the edges when I smile. What I don't like? My jowl. I now have a double chin!!! It comes with getting older, I know, I know, but I want my jaw back!

Funny because when I was super young and skinny, I also didn't like my jaw because I have a long face so some people called me "mukhang mangga." Coupled with my huge teeth, I was also called "mukhang kabayo." People are cruel, I've long accepted that.

As I grew older and put on weight, my face widened and so my face didn't look so elongated anymore. Plus, braces fixed my teeth so hindi na ako mukhang kabayo. Then I hit my 40s and my jaw softened, my chin doubled, and... Oh well. Ganyan talaga pag tumatanda. Collagen, which is what makes skin look plump and young, and elastin, which is what keeps skin nice and tight, these break down with age and that's why bumabagsak ang face and neck, boobs, tummy, basically lahat. Ganyan talaga!

As I hit my mid-30s, I started using anti-aging skin care. Now, it is always good to have a good skin care regimen, okay? But skin care products don't really get to the structure underneath. So at my ripe old age of 40 (hahaha), I began looking at treatments that will address that concern. Ayoko kasi magpa-face lift, no. So habang hindi pa bagsak ang fez ko, asikasuhin na natin ang potential/developing concerns!

So when I heard about the Thermolift therapy from Flawless, I looked it up. Thermolift is non-invasive radio-frequency heat therapy. That means no surgery, no injections. I like that very much! I'm so scared of surgery!

Thermolift uses radio frequency waves to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. This heat stimulates and remodels collagen production, which results to firm and bouncy skin again and a contoured face. Hooray!

At the Megamall clinic of Flawless, I met with the resident dermatologist. She looked at my face and she said na okay pa naman ako. In fact, what she wanted to treat first was my acne scars. But since I was there to try Thermolift, she said that while my face was still young-looking for a 40-year-old woman, the skin on my cheeks and jaw area have started to sag. Started pa lang naman so hindi pa issue, but she agreed that prevention is better than cure so I was whisked off to a private room to get prepped for my first ever Thermolift therapy!

Grid lines are applied on the treatment areas to guide the doctor.

My eyes are red because I was crying na. It was painful! Next time I do this, I'm asking for topical anaesthesia.

The derma used setting #3 on me. A higher setting of 4 and above will give you more visible results but the derma said it's my first time so she wanted to know what my pain threshold is. Also, hindi pa naman daw masyado slackened ang jaw and chin ko so kaya pa ng lower setting. So ang ginawa na lang niya is lower setting but she passed the Thermolift wand several times.

Masakit siya huhu as in umiyak ako sa sakit. As in, after she did one side, I wanted to go home! But after she did one side, I really felt my chin and cheek tightened. I FELT IT! So the nurse brought out a mirror so I can see for myself. See above. Jaw bone now visible. Cheek tightened. As you can see, I'm also red, but that's all the redness that will happen. Hindi ka masusunog. After my session, nag-shopping pa nga ako sa Megamall!

So let's look at my face immediately after my Thermolift! Here's the before-and-after photos:

Kita niyo ba ang difference??? I know it's ever so slight. That's because I don't really have a huge problem yet with sagging cheeks, slackened jaw and double chin. But, ako mismo, nakita ko and naramdaman ko na may difference talaga.

And here's what I look like now:
Sharper jawline
No double chin

It's been a month after my Thermolift and I can say that it really works. I want to do this every 6 months!!! Thermolift starts at P14,000, though, so dapat may budget. The fee will also be determined by how large the area to be treated is. So in my case, jawline lang. Next time, I want to include my cheeks, mouth area, and neck.

If you want to try Thermolift at Flawless, the treatment is available only at the Megamall and Eastwood clinics. Also, it will be good to set an appointment first so that the dermatologist can look at your face and see if it's Thermolift you really need. Kasi may ibang treatments pa ang Flawless that address sagging skin (like Acculift), so you want to explore your options first. In my case, I know Thermolift is my preferred skin-lifting and facial-contouring treatment!

I'm so happy I chose Flawless to take care of my skin. For more promos and information, visit the Flawless websitelike them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@myflawless).

This post is brought to you by Flawless Face & Body Clinic. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

What I saw at the Metro Sidewalk Sale

It was my first time to visit a Metro Department Store ever and, boy oh boy, did I find a lot of goodies!

I was at BGC yesterday to get a check and because it's payday Friday pala (when you're a freelancer, you forget kinsenas), ang traffic! So nagpalamig muna ako ng ulo sa Market! Market! and sa kakaikot ko, naakit ako ng mga posters that said there's a big Sidewalk Sale sa Metro Department Store. I'm so lucky, mamas, because apparently Metro Malls all over the country have this sale once a year only and I happened to drop by on the first day!

Ang dami kong gustong bilhin, mamas!!! Look look look!

For the mama looking to spruce up her home:
Kitchen and storage stuff!
Bedsheets and towels and linens!
P2,099 for the biggest tree! What!
These are absolutely gorgeous colored vases and jars.
If you don't like colored glass, here's a collection for you.
This is the most beautiful thing and it's only P500!
I really really REALLY want these garden stools...
... especially these two!
Two-in-one: a divider and a shelf. Yes, you can remove the shelves!

For the mamas who want to update their wardrobe:

And because I'm a mama who needs to shop for new clothes for my boys because they are growing up so fast!
For their newfound interest in swimming 
Shorts and shirts and pants! 
Also, these super fun play tents for a steal!
Coloring sets that come out at P74.50 each!
A bike for Piero for only P2,800!
Because my family loves Adventure Time
The latest trend in athleisure shoes - woven material - for matching parent-and-kid OOTDs
And my most favorite must-buy: superhero-themed shoes!

Gosh, I miss doing posts like this! Just me taking random pics and writing random stuff and you and me having silly fun. But silly or not, blogging takes time. There was once a time when I had time, you know? Now, my days are a blur of fixing breakfast, preparing baon, doing the laundry, helping with homework, fixing lunch, attending meetings, meeting (missing) deadlines, picking up the boys from school, more homework, more meal preparation, bedtime stories (or bedtime tantrums from me), then exhausted sleep.

I'm not complaining, mamas. Now that the kids are in big school, I have found pockets of time for a mani-pedi, a haircut, a massage, and books. I'm finally coming up for air, and it is glorious. I am too near the infant-and-toddler years to miss those heart-warming yet soul-sapping and mind-numbing years. Right now I'm just excited about the hour or two I find for myself.

And yesterday, because of the traffic and the impossibility of getting a cab and an Uber, I found two hours to while away at window shopping. I had fun! I'm going back this morning because my husband approved of some of my picks for the kids and so I'm shopping today!!! Why??? Because I just found out from another mommy who was also at Metro yesterday that there is a BIG RAFFLE OF APPLE GADGETS!!! Because I need a new phone, I hope I win one of the six 32gb iPhone 7 phones they're giving away, although I'll also be happy if I win one of the six 32gb Apple TV, too!

If you're near a Metro Mall, drop by for their fabulous Sidewalk Sale! Everything is on sale and only this weekend! Up to 50% off, mamas! And hindi lang sa department store—pati yung supermarket on sale din pala so grocery items are now even more affordable! Me, I'm going there for the kiddie stuff talaga. I'll do another blog post showing you what I got. So if you see me, say hi!

For more information on The Metro Sidewalk Sale, please visit You can also like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram handle

This post is brought to you by Metro Retail Stores Group.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Frances Finds: Yummy Scott's DHA Gummies for my kids' brains!

We just survived the school year's first quarter, mamas! It wasn't so bad—it was only bad for me because I was sick almost all of August and could barely help my kids Vito and Iñigo review for their end-of-quarter tests. I was so worried they'd not do well because I seriously had to get as much sleep as I could (after chores and work) or else I'd get even worse. So I couldn't prioritise helping my kids study at all.

Well, mamas, I shouldn't have worried! They did well on their exams. As their mother, I'd like to think it's because they're smart. And they are! They make me so proud! But intelligence needs to be cared for. As a mommy, I need to nurture and cultivate and nourish and encourage their brain development with good books, documentaries, the right games and apps, lots of conversations (mamas, admit it: answering all those why's is not easy!), and of course proper nutrition.

And candy.
What are these healthy gummies???

Say whaaaaat?

Yes! I give my kids candy, too! All work and no play make my kids dull boys. So it's not all homework and study—we play a lot, too. It's not all fruits and vegetables—we eat fun stuff, too. But because I'm a sneaky mama, I make sure that some of the sweets they eat are good for them. So hooray for my new mama find: Scott's DHA Gummies!

While Vito practiced his Chinese strokes and his brothers drew, I surprised them with this!
Zoom in to Iñigo hahaha

I discovered Scott's DHA Gummies a few weeks ago at the KidDiscovery event at Glorietta. I really thought it was just multivitamins, which is cool, but when Iñigo and I found out it's actually gummy candies, we were like, "No way! And it's yummy, too!" We popped quite a few in our mouths during the event because, being candy, you don't have to limit yourself to just one. But, being candy, I still had to limit my kids' access to three a day—a reward of sorts for when they finished their homework.

So let's break it down, why Scott's DHA Gummies is good for kids (and for grownups, too haha).

1. It is full of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), an essential fatty acid for healthy brain development for babies in utero and for normal brain growth in children. 

I dunno if your obstetrician prescribed fish oil vitamins to you while you were pregnant, but mine did, because fish oil is a good source of DHA and she wanted to make sure my babies' brain development in my womb was fully supported. 

Now that my kids are outside my body, I still need to nourish those big brains of theirs! With DHA, their rapidly developing brains function better at learning, paying attention, holding memories, and solving problems.

2. It's perfect for kids who are lactose intolerant and don't like eating fish. 

As you might be aware, a lot of milk now are fortified with vitamins and minerals, yes, even with DHA. But some kids don't like milk, can't finish a full glass of milk, or are lactose intolerant. If this is your kid I just described, they can still get lots of DHA from fish. But some kids don't like fish either! What to do to get them DHA??? Through the yummy gummy candies that is Scott's DHA Gummies!

3. The gummies are soft, chewy and delicious!

No fishy taste. No medicinal taste. Just soft and chewy candy love! Scott's DHA Gummies are available in orange and strawberry flavors. Three gummies are all your child needs in a day because just three gummies provide 15% of the recommended intake of DHA+EPA daily. Each gummy is microencapsulated with a patented technology that locks in the goodness of fish oil without the unpleasant taste and smell. 

"Can I have mo' pweease?" "Just three a day, Piero!"

Heehee! The kids DID NOT POSE for these photos, mamas. They really do love their Scott's DHA Gummies and I do love how I'm such a good mommy—making them happy with sweets while promoting their brain development. Mommy of the Year!

Scott’s DHA Gummies is available in packs of 3 (a daily dose at P24.00), 15 (five days of healthy sweets at P117.50, and 60 (good for 20 days for just P433.00). You can find Scott's DHA Gummies at Mercury Drug, Watsons, and leading supermarkets nationwide.

For more information on how DHA helps your child's brain development, please go here: You can also like their Facebook page:

This post is brought to you by Scott's DHA Gummies.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Our yummy Inside Out Broccoli and Cheese Pizza recipe

Over the weekend, my kids were watching Disney Pixar's Inside Out and that gave me the idea of making the infamous broccoli pizza in Riley's new neighborhood. Because of the movie, my kids now had this idea that broccoli pizza wasn't yummy and I just had to prove that their two favorite dishes—they love roasted broccoli and they gobble up pizza—would taste great together. 

My boys LOVED it! This is such an easy and quick recipe to make that my cooking son, Iñigo, helped me make it and we were done in 30 minutes. Yes, quick and easy, yummy and healthy! Definitely what a working mama like me appreciates!

Here's the recipe, mamas:

Inside Out Cheese & Broccoli Pizza

1 medium head of broccoli, washed, dried and cut into florets
3 tbsp olive oil 
1/2 tsp salt 
1/2 tsp dried thyme
4 small store-bought pizza dough (or 1 regular-sized one)
1/2 cup bechamel sauce
1/2 cup grated California Cheese Cheddar, grated
1/2 cup grated California Cheese Colby Jack Cheese, grated

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
2. Season broccoli florets with olive oil, salt and thyme.
3. Place broccoli in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 10 minutes.
4. While broccoli is in the oven, grate the cheeses. 
5. Spread bechamel sauce on the pizza bread.
6. Sprinkle California Cheese cheddar.
7. Take out the roasted broccoli and put on the pizzas.
8. Finish by topping everything off with California Colby Jack Cheese.
9. Place the pizzas in the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes. 

Serves 2 adults or 4 kids so double the recipe for the family.

The great thing about this recipe is you can tweak it to suit your taste. You don't have to use thyme, for example. You can use oregano or minced garlic. I used bechamel sauce but you can use Alfredo sauce, maybe even a tomato sauce. And if you love cheese, then by all means pile it up! I think you can even make this into a four-cheese pizza!

Speaking of cheese, I used California cheese for this recipe. 

I found California cheese at the dairy section of Robinsons Supermarket, although they are also available in select supermarkets and S&R. They have ice cream ,too! Not cheese ice cream, though, but ice cream made from California milk! You can find this special ice cream at Landers Superstore and Royal Duty Free.

California cheeses and ice creams come in branded and unbranded variants. To identify if the cheese product is California-made, it should have the Real California Milk or Cheese seal.
For more cheese recipes and information on California cheese, like the Real California Milk Philippines Facebook page, and follow the hashtags #ReturnToReal and #LookForTheSeal on Instagram. You can also check out the website of Real California Milk. Hope you like our Inside Out Broccoli and Cheese Pizza, mamas!

This post is brought to you by Real California Milk Philippines.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Family fun biking at Emerald Ave on Sundays!

Happy weekend, mamas! What my boys like to do on weekends is play video games, watch movies, and go biking on their RoyalBaby bikes.

Now, biking in this city is not easy when you have three little kiddos. There are no real bike lanes, for example. The bike lanes that we do have are actually either part of the sidewalk or part of the street. Very dangerous. So we were happy to find out that on Sundays, Ortigas Center closes off F. Ortigas Jr. Ave (or Emerald Ave to us oldies), and people can jog, walk their dogs, skate, and bike throughout its whole stretch.

So for a few Sundays now, when the weather allows, we pack the kids and their new fantabulous and amazing RoyalBaby bikes into the car and go to Emerald Ave to bike!

Vito and Iñigo are very new to biking. Their first time to ride one was just this summer, when we went to Baguio and rented those cheap bikes at Burnham Park. They loved it and so my husband Vince and I decided we'll get the boys bikes.

RoyalBaby bikes are good for beginner bikers because its weight (it's heavier than other bikes) and wide tires make it feel more stable. Well, the bikes also come with training wheels so no need to worry about the kids toppling over yet!

It's also easy to mount it because the frame is lower, so little legs have an easier time stepping over. The seat height is also easily adjustable, to accommodate growing legs. The seat also has a handle, which makes it easier to lift into the car or for us parents to guide and push the kids.

We're so excited for the day when we can remove the training wheels! Right now, the boys are still biking slowly. We yell at them, "Go faster!" Speed helps with learning balance. But I'm going to be patient with my boys. I learned to ride a bike at 7 years old and I never needed training wheels—just an irresponsible adult who pushed me downhill and I had to choose between pedal or die.

More things we like about the RoyalBaby bikes: the chain is fully enclosed, which means  no oil splatters and no pants hem getting stuck in the chain; and a water bottle holder (water bottle included). All accessories are included actually—lights, bell, training wheels, water bottle, and decorative stickers. Really good buy!

And what does the littlest brother do while his brothers go biking? Well, he plays with the dogs trotting around on Emerald, and there's a lot of those pooches. All shapes, all sizes! There are cats, too, but they're not pets. But they're used to humans so they allow us pet them.

It's fun letting Piero run around and indulge his love for animals. But as soon as he sees one of his brothers resting from biking, he climbs up on the vacant bike and gives it a go. The RoyalBaby bike is meant to be for kids aged 5-8 years, but this doesn't matter to my 3-year-old Mr P! He likes biking so much that Vince and I have decided to buy him his very own bike.

Anyway, if you want to go biking at Emerald on Sundays but you don't have a bike, there are bikes for rent at the postal office. These bikes are old, rusty, squeaky, and the chains need a generous application of oil because it is so hard to pedal them—those chains barely move! The rentals arrive at 10am, too, so if you plan to go biking early, well, best to BYOB (bring your own bike!).

We got our RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bikes a few weeks ago. Thanks so much, RoyalBaby! We love the bikes soooo much!

They came in huge boxes—a blue bike for Vito and a red one for Iñigo. The boys had fun helping their Papa assemble their bikes.

By the time they finished assembling the bikes, it was night time, but that didn't stop the boys from testing them out. So Vince raised the back wheels and let the kids have a go with pedalling. Piero kept asking, "Where's my bike?"

We explained that the RoyalBaby bikes are for kids 5 years and up, but being the stubborn little boy that he is, he mounted the blue bikes and proved that he's perfectly capable of riding a RoyalBaby bike. So we're now going to buy him one!

Mamas, if you're looking for a great bike for your kids, do check out the RoyalBaby bikes. If you have Instagram, you can see the bikes they have on @royalbabyph and @chaseractionsports. You can then get the bikes at the following stores: Chaser Action Sports at Glorietta 3 and Mall of Asia, and Toy Kingdom SM Megamall, SM Aura, and Virramall.