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Why work with Topaz Horizon?
There are a million mommy and lifestyle blogs so why choose this specific blog? Topaz Horizon is known for being an extremely honest blog—moms love the raw emotions and the tell-it-as-it-is quality this blog stands by. This attracts passionate reactions, heated debates, and a high level of engagement. Still, there are a lot of honest moms and authentic women out there, too. So what will make Topaz Horizon a brand you'll want to partner with?

As a writer and with my experience as a magazine editor and PR professional, I can offer you more than the average blogger can. I know how to create content that readers want. I am trained to seek out the new, the newsworthy, and the interesting. I have a keen understanding of brands and marketing. Plus, I write really well! All these qualities make for an attractive partnership because you know that your brand is in good hands when you work with Topaz Horizon.

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