Monday, March 29, 2021

Brittle nails, falling hair? Wolvit Biotin to the rescue!

I am so excited to tell you about my latest find: Wolvit biotin supplements! This is going to be a long post because I need to explain my hair and nail problems, what biotin is, and then give my Wolvit biotin review. So I hope you have a bit of time to read through! 

I started taking Wolvit in the first week of February. Just before that, I was desperately looking for a solution to my thinning hair and brittle nails. The Project Vanity Facebook group recommended taking biotin supplements for those exact same problems. So imagine my delight when Wolvit - by sheer coincidence! - sent me Wolvit Biotin pills to review!

My hair and nail issues

To be honest, I was skeptical. I've tried everything - shampoos and topical solutions on my scalp, extra soft brushes and wide-toothed combs, hair masks; then cuticle creams and fortified polishes that promised to strengthen my nails. Nothing worked!

I know the exact date my nails started peeling. It was September 27, 2008. It was the day my Mama died and I was standing in the parking lot of the funeral home, staring down at my shaking hands. It was then I noticed my thumbnail was split at the edge. I thought it was just an accident. I must've hit my nail on something and I didn't notice it during the terror of the day. But in the following days and weeks, I noticed further that my nails kept breaking and splitting. Finally, I just cut them short. I haven't grown my nails long since then. I have big nails anyway so there was still plenty of space for nail polish. Still, the state of my nails was worrying. I worried it was a sign of poor health.

Throughout my 30s, my hair also started falling. Experts say we lose a hundred strands of hair every day. That's normal. But I was losing A LOT. Like "I need to clean up my brush and bathroom floor every time I brush my hair" a lot. I just brushed my hair once a day and also washed my hair after 2-3 days so that I won't have to brush it out so much. Still, the hair kept falling. It's very sad! I was only in my 30s! I was worried again that it was another sign of poor health.

A dozen years later, I learned that my splitting nails and falling hair are probably due to a vitamin deficiency. At a Wolvit biotin bloggers conference, I learned about biotin, a vitamin in the B-complex family that helps your body convert food into energy. When your body has enough biotin, it manifests as healthy hair, glowing skin, and strong nails. Signs of a biotin deficiency? Hair loss, scaly red skin, rashes, or bristled nails. Oh my!

So you can bet I was excited to try Wolvit biotin supplements. This is my review!

What is Wolvit?

Wolvit is an over-the-counter biotin supplement. I take one tablet, or 5,000 micrograms (5 mg), every day. You can actually take more than one tablet if your diet is really biotin-deficient (usually happens when you're on a plant-based diet). It's safe since any extra biotin just gets peed out! 

What are the benefits of Wolvit biotin?

1. It hydrates skin from within.
2. It strengthens the hair shaft. 
3. It restores hair texture.
4. It helps thicken nail cuticles.
5. It strengthens nails to prevent breakage.

My review:


After just 2 weeks of taking Wolvit biotin, I noticed that my nails were stronger. Usually, if they grow about 2 millimeters, they already start peeling. But I didn't see any peeling, splitting or breaking so I decided to let my nails grow longer. 

As my nails got longer, I also noticed they were harder. Before taking Wolvit Biotin, my nails easily bent at the slightest pressure. They were that soft! Now, they didn't bend no matter how much I pressed them. I also tried cutting plastic and opening canned soda with my nails. They didn't break!!!

Now, look at how long my nails are! They haven't been this long in 12 years!

The nails of my thumb and pointing finger are shorter because I sliced them when I was cutting onions.

I feel so vain about my nails! I think they make my hands look feminine again! Too bad we're all still in quarantine. I haven't been to a nail salon for more than a year. It would be soooo nice to have my new strong and healthy nails professionally groomed!


So I've been taking Wolvit biotin for 2 months now. As for my hair, well, I haven't seen any new extra growth. But my hair feels thicker. That's because my hair isn't falling so much anymore. I literally don't need to clean up my brush and bathroom floor every day anymore. My hair stays put on my head! 

I also learned from the Project Vanity community that when they take biotin over a long period, their hair grows thicker and faster. A friend says her lashes are longer and thicker after 6 months of taking biotin. That's all I need to know! I'm taking Wolvit forever!!! 

I highly recommend Wolvit biotin supplements. It's a safe vitamin pill to take every day. You and your husband can take it, although if your hubby is going through male pattern baldness, best to see a dermatologist for that concern.

You can buy Wolvit biotin at Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, St. Joseph, Curamed, St Joseph, All Day Rx, Sure Rx, and other leading drugstores nationwide. Since we have a pandemic, do stay home and have Wolvit biotin delivered to you! You can buy from the online shops of: Watsons (promo price of just P186 for a box of 30 tablets!), Mercury Drug Gamot PadalaSouthstar Drug online delivery  (P225 for a box of 30 tablets), Lazada and Shopee.

I hope my Wolvit biotin review makes you want to try it, too! I'll update this review after 6 months. So excited to see if my lashes will grow!

*This post is brought to you by Wolvit Biotin 5mg.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

For one hour, I wasn't brave

Yesterday, I finally allowed myself to cry. The Department of Health reported that there are 9,838 people with COVID-19. Numbers. We hear numbers every day so I was shocked but, really now, is anyone surprised? 

Then at around lunch time, we found out through our neighborhood Viber group chat that one of our neighbors, her family, four of them died. Only the mom and her little girl are recovering from COVID. Her husband, her son, and her mother- and father-in-law all succumbed to the disease. We sent our condolences but we were all rattled.

I called my friends in our condo complex, my Praying Wives, that's what we call ourselves. At first, we were just telling each other to be extra extra careful, and then we slowly realized that the dreaded virus was floating around our home. It was finally here and, while several neighbors had it last year, they recovered. This time, people died. Our safe space for more than a year didn't feel safe anymore.

Last year, I was depressed for a whole month. That was June. It was pandemic fatigue, health worries, sadness that my kids won't go to school, many things. I only got out of my funk because my middle boy told me I had to celebrate his baby brother's birthday. I had been so sad, it slipped my mind. I was horrified and I promised I'll be more in charge of my emotions.

And I've been good. I think I was a great quarantine mom. I kept them safe. More than safe! They were happy and healthy. My husband says I spoil them. Maybe I do. But I'm pretty strict when they misbehave, and, to be honest, they hardly ever are naughty. They're good boys. Being mommy to them isn't really that hard.

But yesterday, the shadow that I firmly shut behind a door in the deepest parts of my heart, well, it slipped out. It slipped out quietly while my Praying Wives and I told each other we love each other, and to not forget that in case the worst happened. We said, "Thank you for everything," and that shadow - fear - suddenly loomed over me and I dropped my phone and cried. 

I've been so good this last year. I attacked this pandemic by imposing lifestyle changes on everyone at home. No one leave the house unless for very important errands! Everyone wash their hands for 20 seconds! Alcohol in every room! No one touch the packages till they're sanitized! We will all have online lessons to keep our minds alive. I will be the best teacher in the world! 

There was no time to be afraid. I didn't allow myself to be afraid.

But yesterday, I was so very frightened at last. And I cried and cried. I let myself cry, because I realized I needed to be scared now. Because if that virus ever finds its way inside our home, our sanctuary, I can't ever cry because then I will need to fight. 

After all, courage isn't the absence of fear. It's going on and facing another day, even when you're scared. And I may be scared now, but I also feel my soul fortifying itself. This pandemic is far from over and we parents need to protect our families. The circumstances are all so infuriating and frustrating but I can't control that. I just pray to God that He will save us from all this madness - the bad governance, the mutating virus, the misuse of funds. Till that happens, I'm going to keep my family safe. We did it for a year. God help me, we'll do it again for as long as we have to.

“Tell everyone who is discouraged, 'Be strong and don’t be afraid! God is coming to your rescue.'” Isaiah 35:4

*photos by my husband, Vince, when we were at beautiful Bohol six years ago. One day, we will travel again. For now, we stay home and stay safe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Hada Labo now in the Philippines! Excited to get that mochi skin!

Exciting news! Hada Labo is here in the Philippines and I can't wait to try this famous Japanese skin care brand!

Okay, so a few weeks ago, I got this mysterious box and when I opened it, I squealed! Hada Labo products!!! The Hada Labo Gokujyun Hydrating Lotion is the No. 1 facial lotion in Japan for 13 consecutive years. I've always wanted to try it. And now I finally can. YOU finally can!

So what's Hada Labo? 

Hada Labo is a beloved Japanese skin care brand that infuses skin with intense hydration. It uses Super Hyaluronic Acid, a substance naturally occurring in the human body, to bind water to skin. Skin is plumper, smoother, and soooo moist. And if you're a middle-aged woman like me, faced with drying skin and fine lines, moist is a very good word.

I'm really excited to use the Gokujyun Hydrating Lotion (Php 195 for 30ml, Php 685 for 170ml). It has FOUR kinds of Hyaluronic Acid. Is that a bit much? No. When you want dewy skin, you want that much! And yet this lotion is not thick and icky. It's lightweight and is quickly absorbed into your skin, which becomes so deeply moisturized, it becomes pillowy soft with a clear, almost translucent effect that it kinda looks like a mochi cake. That's why Hada labo skin is known as "mochi skin." 

Now, Hada Labo doesn't have just one star product. It has a whole range of skin-caring goodies. Meet the facial washes:

The Hada Labo White range or Gokujyun range has three face washes for different skin types. 

1. Hydrating Face Wash, Php 385 for 100g - fragrance-free and gentle for hydrated and refreshed skin
2. Hydra and Whitening Face Wash, Php 295 for 100g - Brown Algae Extract and Resveratrol help brighten skin
3. Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash, Php 295 for 100g - Japanese Green Tea extract helps control and remove excess oil while Bentonite Clay absorbs dirt and impurities from pores

Hada Labo also has moisturizers to seal all that water in: 

1. Hydrating Light Cream, Php 850 for 50g - ingredients like Aloe Vera and other moisturizing natural botanicals deeply nourish skin while the Aqua Oil Volume Matrix technology helps prevent moisture loss and boosts skin hydration. 
2. Hydrating Water Gel, Php 850 for 50g - an ultralight gel with a watery feel, perfect for those who just want a light moisturizer. This has Ceramides to protect and nourish your skin barrier.

What I like about the Hada Labo system is it's a simple regimen only - face wash, hydrating lotion, and moisturizer. No 10 steps to follow! It's in keeping with the brand philosophy of "It's Perfectly X Simple" – a skincare range that brings beauty back to the basics. Hada Labo emphasizes simplicity in its skin care process, not just by keeping their product range basic but also by keeping its ingredients pure. No unnecessary additives, colorants, fragrances, and mineral oils. So whatever your skin type, it will love Hada Labo! 

Well, at least that's my hope. I'm going to try Hada Labo! I'm currently doing a 10-step routine now so I'll rest my skin for a few days and then I'll use the Hada Labo products I got. Then I'll update this post with a review after a month. Exciting! Mochi skin, here I come!

By the way! You can try Hada Labo products at up to 10% off on March 27, 2021. That's this Saturday, on Lazada's 9th Birthday Sale. HBD, Lazada!

To find out more about the Hada Labo White range, like their Facebook page.