Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Frances Finds: Beautiful house at The Glades Timberland

Hello! Ooh, I've been away. I've been busy preparing for the start of school and homeschooling, preparing my talk for the homeschooling event #CHIPSThriveAtHome summit, writing for the upscale property website Upside PH, and selling my book, Not Invisible!

(Please buy Not Invisible: A Memoir from Shopee, Amazon, Kindle, and Google Play. Thank you!) 

Anyway, I breathed a bit over the weekend, and for relaxation, I decided to watch property videos. Well, it was still kinda work since I wanted to enhance my real estate vocabulary for my Upside project but it was relaxing work. Anyway! I know you guys know I love Mid-Century Modern (MCM) houses. They're open, sprawling structures surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows. I just don't know if such a design works in the Philippines, what with our earthquakes, super typhoons, floods, and usyosera and pakialamerong neighbors.

Sa kaka-YouTube ko for houses, I saw three houses I really, really like, but I'll show you this one from The Glades Timberland first. Then tell me if you want to see the other houses!

But, first, no, hindi ko siya bibilhin so sa mga real estate people, please don't email me! Ang layo grabe. For me, sobrang malayo ang Timberland. Second, depende sa size ng lot, 16M to 25M yata ang price nito. Wala akong ganung pera haha Wish ko lang! And even if we had 25M, we wouldn't spend it on a house so far away from our families and friends. That said, I like it, I like it! Let's take a look:

Nice, no? Now let me share with you what I like:

This guy! He's not the best guy with describing things. Ako kasi, it was drilled into my head that when you present anything, you don't point out the obvious because that insults the audience. Don't go, "Oh, and this is the light. This is the staircase. This is the desk." We knooooow. We can see! But I like him because he's affable and earnest and he reads a Bible verse at the end of every video and I feel like he blessed me. He may not have blessed me with a house but I feel his intentions are sincere. I like that! God bless you, too, Zandro.  

Okay, back to the house! I like the roof, the big windows (almost MCM!). I like MCM's big windows aesthetics because it lets a huge amount of light in. I love light. I don't like dark houses. Sabi ng yaya ko nung maliit pa ako, yung mga parts ng house na di naaarawan, dun tumatambay ang mga multo and bad memories of the residents. So every day, Ate Marita would pull open curtains and doors and cabinets and wave away the bad spirits. And while I don't believe in ghosts now as a grownup, that remianed with me. Dark corners, dark houses - bad vibes.

In fact, that's why we chose our condo because of the windows that dominate practically every wall of our unit. Yes, we spent a fortune on curtains but the light and the views are priceless! But back to the house in the video:

Check out the spacious ground floor! That's just 80+ sqm but it looks so big, no? And ang aliwalas! I super like it talaga. I'd add a big, plush carpet and tons of bookshelves, and it's home!

Another thing I liked was the maid's quarters. The access is from the outside, it has a big window, and it even has its own toilet and shower! Nice! We don't have a kasambahay so I'm going to use this room as a home office. Lalo na ngayong pandemic, marami sa atin work at home. Sa totoo lang, my husband and I have a hard time separating work from home life because our workspaces are in the bedroom and the living room. Dapat talaga sana nasa labas ang home office para may mental shift and physical distance from work, kahit sa labas ng bahay mo lang.  

Another thing I loved was the kitchen! Look at it! It's soooo nice. It has that efficient triangle of traffic (ref, sink, stove). It has lots of counter space. And all that light! My goodness. I'm so in love with this kitchen. 

So there. I want this house. You can watch the video to check out the bedrooms upstairs. They're okay, too. It's only 3 bedrooms - master bedroom + 2 bedrooms, and I have 3 kids. Maybe I'll add a bedroom or just ask which of my boys want to share a room. 

Sigh, super like this house talaga! Please pray for me and my husband, for our dreams to come true! Para makabili kami ng lot at makapagpatayo kami ng ganitong bahay. Salamat! Mwah!

*Photos grabbed from Property Hunter Realty video.