Saturday, February 27, 2016

Physiogel Calming Relief 14-Day Challenge: Day 1-10

This post is brought to you by Physiogel Calming Relief Cream.

Hi everybody! I'm so happy to announce that I'm a digital ambassador for Physiogel! The first time I discovered Physiogel was in 2014. I was a new mom for the third time and I don't know why but with my third pregnancy and third round as new mommy, my skin became extremely itchy and dry. I tried all sorts of lotions but nothing—absolutely nothing—helped! Then I discovered Physiogel and I fell in love. My skin was finally soothed, moisturized, healed. It was smooth and soft and just drenched with moisture!

How I wished Physiogel could also do that for my face!

Yes, my poor, terrible face! I've been suffering a horrible case of acne since middle of last year and I'm having it treated. But while my acne is slowly but surely going away, the treatment has been harsh on my face, leaving my skin raw, flaky, stinging and red. My face has just been a painful part of me! Check out these photos:
Pus-filled pimples scattered all over my cheeks.
Not visible in these photos but my skin was flaking off all over my face, especially around my nose.

I'm so brave huhu. I'm so panget!

Enter Physiogel Face Calming Relief cream—Physiogel’s first entry into face care. Physiogel knew I was already a fan of their body lotion so they asked if I was willing to give their new face products a try. To be honest, I was reluctant. My face was already a painful mess. I was afraid of using a new product, especially when I saw that it was formulated for dry and sensitive skin. My skin was oily! But Physiogel assured me that their product will still be good for me. So, okay, I gave it a try.

I'm so happy I did!!!

One pump gives you this much product. That's all you need!

Upon first application, my face immediately felt soothed, calmed, comforted. It no longer felt raw and painful. With each use, the redness faded, the flaking skin was smoothed away, the pimples—yes, my pimples!—were lessened. I know I'm undergoing acne treatment but I really believe its efficacy was made faster and more effective by Physiogel Face Calming Relief cream.

I've been doing this acne treatment since November and I already knew that my skin flares up again a week or two after my facials. It was an ongoing thing, you know? I had to keep coming back to the clinic to manage the acne. But when I started using Physiogel Face Calming Relief cream, there were no more flare ups!!! Not only did my pimples die off faster, no pimples reappeared!

Nakakaiyak siya sa sobrang saya ko. Grabe lang!

Anyway, I'm still pimply but here's a side-by-side comparison with Day 1 so you can see that there's been a visible improvement:

Dry patches gone. Pimples lessened.
Flakiness on cheeks and around corners of eyes and nose gone.
Pimples drying up.

I had to watermark these pics because I didn't want other brands to use them!

I'm so happy! I'll give you an update in a few days so you can see what two weeks of Physiogel Face Calming Relief cream has done to my face. So exciting!

The Calming Relief Face Cream comes in two formulations. I used the regular for my 14-day challenge, but for those with extra dry skin, I recommend you try out the rich cream. The regular variant is Php 800 while the rich variant is Php 850. The Physiogel Calming Relief range is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons.


  1. looks really promising, how much would that be?

    1. Oops! Thanks for reminding me about that very important detail! I updated the blog post to reflect the prices of the products. =)

  2. Hi France! Thanks for this. I am a fan of Physiogel creams since forever! It helped me calmed my allergies way back. I am very interested with this product since you girls went to BKK for the launch. They have a cleanser for this line as well, right? Thanks! See you soon!

  3. This is a good news to me. Haha. I'm prone to having pimples whenever I put something my face doesn't approved of. My mo gave me a vmv powder and foundation and then a few days after, pimples started showing up. I used tea tree soap but it aggrevates pa ata. Now I'm afraid to try anything Na. I can't visit my derma coz of my OC mom duties plus I need to carry my 6-month baby pa. Nway, to cut my long comment, I guess I will try this. Super thanks.

  4. hi, ms. frances! :)
    good to know na hiyang ka sa physiogel :) malapit na mag-clear skin mo, yay! :)

  5. Frances! I still haven't gotten a press kit for this, sayang! I'm super interested because my skin has been giving me grief for over a year now--bigla syang naging sensitive when I hit 35! I used to be able to try all the products that people sent me. Now after one try (even the mejo pricey brands), I have to give them away kasi my skin gets irritated. :( I've been using the Physiogel cream on my face, and the lotion on my body, so I'm wondering what kind of effect the new line will have on my skin! I took my flawless skin for granted before huhuhu

  6. Hi, does this also help in lightening acne scars?

    1. No, it doesn't. It's really just a moisturizer. The dermatologist we interviewed in Bangkok said it's safe to use with any treatment cream or serum. So ako rin I'm on the lookout for a brightening serum for my acne marks.

  7. i also currently have the same problem and when i started using physiogel (blue) effective talaga siya


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