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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oh, I am soooo in love with this fashionista family!

As you all know by now, I am a shoe freak. So when I stumbled upon Sea of Shoes via another blog I haunt (, I just became addicted to this absolutely gorgeous family.

Here's the author of the blog. Her name's Jane Aldridge. She's wearing a Carolina Herrera dress with Balenciaga ankle boots (btw, good news: Balenciaga opens today at Greenbelt 5 in Makati!). She's not a fashion model, I think, which makes that great because I really can't be inspired by incredibly thin people who look hungry (though she and I are quite slim, too). I love how she can pair any shoe with absolutely anything in her closet... or how she can make anything look glamorous (exhibit A: the messy hair, exhibit B: the bathroom of her sister that they're demolishing).

This is her sister. Soooo adorable. I love her lipstick. I can't wear lipstick; I'm more of a lip gloss girl (my favorites this month are a frosty pink from Shu Uemura and a sugary gold from Mary Kay). Anyway, this cutie is wearing a pair of peep-toe lace-up Dolce & Gabbana heels with a mini dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And this is their mother. Well, now we know where the girls got their good looks! (The dog looks cute, too, hehe) She wore her Chloe triple strap patent boots with Levi's and an American Apparel shirt. So chic! I wanted to buy those same Chloe boots in Selfridges in London and even Vince encouraged me to buy them but I just couldn't get past that price tag--a whopping GBP 365 (or PHP 31,915). Damn!

If, however, I suddenly have a lot of money, I think I can buy these Chloe lovers from this other blogger. Her blog, A Woman and Her Shoes, is another new favorite. It's almost like porn actually since I get really high looking at all the delectable pairs in her blog.

Ah, shoes! Gosh, I love Jane's blog so much, maybe I'll do something similar. But since I have very limited resources and very few clothes and no sense of style at all... well, maybe it's not a very good idea for me after all. Insert tragic sigh here!


  1. What a lovely, lovely family! I'd give a pair of wedges to have a genetic pool like that! =)

  2. Haha, you're so funny, Chin! You have a cool blog, to. Reading it now as I reply...

  3. Grabe, Neighbor—16(!) lang pala siya! How very Upper East Side ang family ;)

    But give or take a few years, tayo din makakasuot ng Balenciaga and Chloe outfits and shoes :D

  4. hmm...i wouldn't mind starving myself for a month (or two) just so i can buy chloe boots. :D *sigh* for the love of shoes.

  5. Hay, Lally, my sentiments exactly... But you have to admit 32K for a pair of shoes--no matter how nice!--is a bit too much. Maybe when I'm a millionaire...

  6. Para silang Gossip Girl family. (Haha, you don't like Gossip Girl, right?)

    Like Mariel said, very Upper East Side!

  7. aaagh! 32K! i can't get pass that price tag. sometimes, i think i should dress up more, buy branded and stuff, but... the tags, the tags! i'd rather save up and go somewhere exotic. haha. i am so wrong for my job.

  8. Hay Ria. You know, sometimes I just want to be selfish. Like buy myself 32K worth of shoes and not think about how many people that money can feed. And like go to somewhere exotic and not worry about my carbon footprint.

    I mean, life was very hard when I was growing up and I just want to enjoy myself now that I've worked really hard for this. Then every little thing you want to do to reward yourself, someone somewhere will make you feel guilty!!!

  9. Hey Ro! Ya, I'm not a fan of GG. Although the entire world seems to be... I still can't fathom why!

  10. you know where i'm living my fashion fantasies? julls got me hooked. if you have time, check it out. i'll send you a link. a warning though, it's like playing online paper doll. lol.


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