Saturday, August 23, 2008

The world is just awesome!

I love this Discovery Channel commercial. As regular readers of Topaz Horizon know, I'm a huge fan of this beautiful planet. So when Discovery Channel played this and I saw it, I got all misty-eyed. I always shout to the hubby when it's playing, "Baby, the boom-de-yaya ad is on!" And then I just sit in front of the TV and bask in the love of my fellow men for Planet Earth.

Nope, it never gets old.


  1. this is my first time to watch the ad because uh, we don't have cable. hehe. i get teary-eyed too. it's just so...heartwarming.

    i watched it with my three-year old and now he goes, boom de yaya...boom de yaya. hahaha.

  2. so cute! yes, let's teach our kids how to love the earth.

    you know when we were kids and they told us we have to save the earth for the future generations? the sad thing is WE are that generation! the oil and forests and fresh water and clean air are gone. if there's hardly anything left for US, what will become of our CHILDREN???

  3. Ah I shall wait for this on TV. The video thing's blocked by our server hehe.

  4. Watch it, Lei!!! It's one of the best things that ever was shown on TV!!!

  5. I always hum along when I catch this on Discovery. And oh, Bear Grylls, if only I were an arachnid.

  6. Haha, I didn't know you liked his show! I like the old Mythbusters guys. Adam and Jamie. Such nerds! Such cuties! I get very happy watching them bust away!


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