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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy bespoke leather satchel owner: Trixie (take 2)

Look who's really happy with her satchel: It's Trixie of Wild About Retail!

I'm amazed at how Trixie can come up with so many outfits to match her tan bag. Well, not so amazed--the tan really does go with everything! Thanks, Trixie! You're inspiring me to do outfit posts, too. I'm just sooo lazy! Anyway, I'll visit the Nuffnang office super soon. See you!

P.S. Just remembered that Trixie brought her satchel to Bangkok and that it rained there but she happily reported that the bag survived the rain. Whew! If you wanna know how I protect my leather satchels from this rainy weather, click here!


  1. really is an understatement. its super like as in x999999!!!! :D

  2. Ang cute ni Trixie! Para siyang si tweetie bird! I love her Aqua skirt and the satchel really matches any outfit pala. Will think and think if hubby allows me to buy yours.

  3. I'm so happy with my satchel too!:)

  4. can i ask where or who does leather stitching? your leather satchels are super beautifully stitched, very clean and seamless. but i need help with my horse saddle. looking for someone who can replace some leather parts and stitch it nicely.

  5. Super mom, are you based here? Our leather craftsman is Uncle Buck and he lives in Batangas. He makes saddles for horses. That's his real expertise!

  6. oh wow! just what i'm looking for! yes, i'm in manila. though it's a bit far but i have a friend who goes to batangas almost every week and perhaps can swing by. is it alright if i get uncle buck's contact info? super thanks!


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