Monday, September 19, 2011

What collection do you want to see?

I've taken a long hard look at my shades after I learned I can buy cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. I buy all my shades from Charles & Keith and I love every pair but mebbe it's time to invest.

Anyway, speaking of collections, stylist Leona Lavina Panutat is featuring me as the Style Mama of the Month in her adorable Tumblr micro-blog, Musings of a First Time Momma. Unlike my surprise feature on StyleBible's Preggy and Pretty, which just made me answer a few questions on pregnant fashion, Leona wants details. Like, what exactly is in my closet. Scary! I'm so not a fashionista!

So I've been going through my stuff (which conveniently occurred whilst I was happily installing my new hangers) and realized I have a lot of the following:
  • bangles
  • necklaces
  • eBay finds
  • shift dresses
  • peep-toes

I also have the following collections all over the house:
  • rabbit stamps
  • rabbit stuff
  • Alice in Wonderland stuff
  • gift wrapper and ribbons
  • notebooks
  • pillboxes

Ah yes, collections. Also known as clutter! What do you think I should take photos of? Which collections do you want to see?


  1. Your eBay stuff! Yehey to great, affordable finds!

  2. I love shoes, I would say... Show them peep toes shoes!

  3. The eBay stuff. It's pretty intriguing, because I have favorite sellers there too!

  4. rabbit stamps, alice in wonderland stuff and notebooks :)

  5. I'd like to see your books, Frances. Am sure you and Vince and Vito have plenty =)

  6. I'd like to see the books! Am sure there's plenty =)

  7. eBay finds it is then! Then we'll do rabbits and Alice stuff next.

    As for books, I didn't include that option in my post! But yes, we have a lot. But there's a LOT more in the eBook Reader and iPad so that's kinda hard to take pictures of!

  8. ~ haha, we have the same shades! I love those shades from Charles n Keith! have a happy week, im a new follower! :)


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