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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Team Peeta vs Team Gale? Puh-leeze.

I haven't watched Hunger Games yet but it is definitely the movie to watch this weekend. So since I haven't watched it, I'm not doing a movie review. I'll just tell you why Vince thinks there's no contest between Gale and Peeta (guy in black shirt). Yes, my husband read the book!

Seems like everyone's taking sides on which boy Katniss should pick. Vince says Gale never had a chance. And his reason is simple: If the girl you cared for was picked to go to the Hunger Games, you'd volunteer to take her place. That's what Katniss did for her sister. Vince said, "That's what I'd do for you." He added that he'd make sure he'd win, too, so that he can come back to me, with all the lifetime winnings of a champion, and take care of me!

*Insert kilig moment here*

Well, it's always been obvious to me that Peeta wins hands down but my reason is silly. Peeta had me at "She came here with me." There could be no other guy after that! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Okay, I will drag the hubby out and force him to watch the movie with me:)

  2. Your husband's absolutely right Frances! My husband would have done the same as well :)
    I liked the book and how characters were played out, hope the movie would be able to donit justice :)

  3. I wanna read the books so if only for that kilig line! =) And of course, watch the movie, too!

  4. Yes, I was rooting for Peeta too since he first appeared on the book. I also haven't seen it yet, but I hope it lives up to my expectations. :)

  5. Uhm..... Your husband has a really sweeeeet thought, but he wouldn't be able to volunteer for you coz you're a girl. :p

    You might not understand this because you didn't read the book, but they're supposed to choose one girl and one guy for the Games. Katniss taking her sister's place makes sense and works because they are both girls. Unfortunately, Gale cannot take her place because he is a dude.

    That is all. :p

  6. Wonder Woman, thanks for clearing that up. I don't know where you got that I didn't read the book, though. I said I didn't watch the movie. And we're not going to actually. Hubby thinks the book is a poor copy of Battle Royale, an opinion I agree with. So I guess it was obvious we were just flipping through the pages since we didn't like the book that much! Oops!

  7. That's a really interesting comment from Wonder Woman. Alam mo F, I read the book kasi you recommended it. haha! And you described it as something similar to Running Man. So obviously you read it!

    My friend calls it as a more violent version of PBB. And I was like, "Hey, baduy naman ng comparison!" :))

  8. Rachel, hey, I never said that! I know because I've never read/watched Running Man.

    I did like Hunger Games in a oh-this-is-actually-much-better-than-Twilight-thank-goodness kinda way. And that's actually a good review since I did like Twilight (but in a what-a-super-cute-love-story-but-she-should've-stopped-with-the-first-book kinda way!) =D

    That said, and after reading the HG trilogy, I think it's really unfair to compare Twilight and HG. They're vastly different. And HG is waaaay better anyway. Oops! I compared them again! =(

  9. Really? It must have been someone else.

    Yes, HG is good. Although I really can't compare it to Twilight-- I've seen the films but haven't read any of the books. Baka mabaliw ako e :p

  10. I think Hunger Games die-hards hate the whole Team Peeta-Team Gale thing because it's not the point (vs Twilight, where the love story is the whole point). Sorry, comparing din. Haha. I really did like Hunger Games (and Catching Fire; Mockingjay was just OK), and loved the movie, whether it was a Battle Royale knockoff or not.:D

  11. Interesting comments here.

    Anyway, I agree the HG is waaaaay better than Twilight although I went gaga over Twilight during it's hype.

    Team Peeta, all the way! You must watch that movie scene when Peeta said that line, "She came here with me.". At least, watch that scene. I died when he said that.

  12. since i haven't read the book, i don't know who katniss ended up with. but just like you frances, peeta got me at "she came here with me." haaaay. :)

    anyway, i was very happy with the film. and i am very happy for jennifer lawrence that she didn't get the 'bella' part. katniss is the better character! hihihi. (somone told me she read for 'bella'. is this true?

  13. I actually hate the whole romantic angle in Hunger Games. I read the book and saw the movie and they were both awesome except for the love story. Haha. I don't know why I hated the lovey dovey parts. I've read/watched Battle Royale and I loved both, too. :P

  14. I loved the movie and am about to read the book (did the same for Twilight). No comment on the love story but I'm looking forward to how this plays out because Bella was just whining in all of New Moon and I like Katniss' independent character already. I just won't recommend the movie to kids. (comment for Topaz Mommy! Hehe)

  15. I watched it finally and I agree: Gale would've volunteered to take Peeta's place instead. For me, while he can't take Katniss' place, it would make a whole world of difference if he was there with her. Kinilig talaga ako kay Peeta. Yun lang :D

    Also, while showing Gale watching Katniss, I can't help but remember PBB, Bianca G and Lino. Hehehe. :D

  16. Finally! I just finished reading the book (done in 6 hours straight!). Now I can finish reading your entire post. Takot kasi ako sa spoilers eh. Hehe

    I don't know Gale that much pa so I can't take sides... for now... Unlike the Twiligh saga, wherein I only have ONE side. Hehe


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