Monday, March 05, 2012

How I fake nice bouncy hair

Tee hee. So now you know my secret! I've tried extensions and expensive blow outs but nothing beats good old rollers!

Oh, and that's Vito, the first time he saw me in rollers (he was 8 months old then). He thought the curlers were hilarious. Now that he sees me with rollers regularly, he pays them no mind. Although he always looks amazed when I come out of the bathroom looking gorgeous!

What's your beauty secret?


  1. Vito looks like you in your "then" picture. Heehee. Adorable.

  2. I thought the first picture was Vito! :) Then I thought, wow, you faked bouncy hair at a young age! How I can relate to this though in my version, I wore lipstick at age 4 :D


  3. I do the same on random days! I quickly blowdry my hair, with the heat still in my hair, I would use these GOOD 'OL Rollers and pin it! I love the bouncy hair too! :) You're too cute!!!!

  4. cute (then), and so pretty (now) plus Vito is equally adorable too. ;D My mom uses them all the time, but I never mastered it, I used to ask her to do mine. I'll definitely have to learn. I love bouncy hair too. :)

  5. I bought a curling iron, the big-barrel one, but I can't master it! So balik rollers ang beauty ko hehe

  6. I have naturally thick and wavy hair a.k.a "buhaghag". I stubbornly resist having it relaxed or rebonded because I like curls, however I just can't fix it the way I want it to. I also bought a curling iron but I just can't get the effect i want. Do you put any styling product as you use your curlers? What's your usual hair routine like?

    Thanks Frances! =)

    1. Well, my hair is very thin and fine so none of my tips will help you! And I style my hair only when I need to, like for an event or a TV guesting. Most days--and this is my hair routine--I air dry my hair and put it in a bun. That's it!

      But if I have to style it, it's shampoo only (kasi nga my hair is so fine and conditioner weighs it down), then mousse or hair thickener, then blow dry, then rollers or curling iron, then hairspray.


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