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10 best Wattpad stories on my reading list

I've been waiting to write a best Wattpad stories post for years! So this post is dedicated to dear Loyal Reader Sharon, who wrote: "Do you still read fiction? I used to read voraciously until the start of my 40s and then my appetite for fiction just waned. The few books I read these days are comfort reads."

Hi Sharon! Yes, I'm reading fiction. It's all I read now and as much as I'd like to say I read only award-winning literature or classic tomes or books that elevate the mind or the soul, I'm going to be shamelessly honest and say my literary tastes now lean towards novels that make me giggle with kilig or stimulate the nether regions. 

And my favorite place to get these stories is from Wattpad. Yes, I'm addicted to Wattpad. My husband doesn't understand it. I don't think I do either. Many of the stories are crap. Nearly all of them are unedited, grammatically tragic, and poorly constructed... but they are addicting! Just this year alone, I've already read 37 books, 32 on Wattpad! But, don't worry, not all of them are smut haha 

Another thing I like about Wattpad is the comments. You can comment on every paragraph which makes reading a community thing. My husband doesn't like that. Reading is a solitary pursuit, he says. Well, Wattpad changed that for me. It's just as addicting to see everyone's reactions and thoughts to the story as it unfolds!

My guiltiest pleasure is werewolf romance. I can't stop reading those! But while it's a genre that is staggeringly popular, I know that's not everyone's cup of tea so I'll also share the werewolf novels that are not so steeped in the lore. They're the most human-like love stories so you won't get too weirded out haha. I'll share my top 3 faves at the end of this post. Lemme start my best Wattpad stories list with with the sweet human stories...

#1 The Player Next Door by BabyInACorner is my super favorite! It's hilarious! You MUST read it! This is the book that inspired me to write a novel! In fact, my main female character is named Millie, too. 

So anyway, The Player Next Door is all about ordinary Millie who lives next door to school celebrity athlete Luke. A comedy of errors finds them stuck in the same cabin in summer camp and one thing leads to another and they become... friends. Haha! This is such a sweet, slooooow-burn romance that when they finally kiss, my goshness, it's so satisfying. 

52.5 million reads

But! This is just Book 1 of a trilogy. The second book, Play No More, explores their relationship as a new couple. It's so funny, too! The third book, Play the Part, is still being updated. I haven't started reading it. I'm waiting for Natalie (that's the author's name) to finish before I start. And also I kinda don't want to start it because then the Luke & Millie love story will end. I can't say goodbye yet!

#2 Love, Anonymous by Liz Plum is such a sweet, sweet book about Reagan who thinks she's nobody special. In fact, obnoxious Hayden keeps annoying her as a hobby. But she can't get bothered by him too much because she's consumed by the fact that she keeps getting letters from a secret admirer. Who could it be?

Super cute and super readable! Makes me want to get love letters again!

10.8 million reads

#3 Silently Falling by Liz Plum is a story about healing from trauma. Raine has selective mutism, a coping mechanism when she was raped at age 14. Family and friends form a protective wall around her so that it never happens again. But it also prevents her from finding love. Until really persistent West makes it loud and clear he wants to know everything about the silent girl. 

This is such a good story. At first, you're scared for Raine, especially since West has a bad-boy rep. But the slow wooing, the way they're so delicate around each other, the way they protect each other, really wins you over.  

44.2 million reads

#4 The Upside of Falling by Alex Light explores what happens when shy girl Becca who's never had a relationship and Brett the school hottie who can never keep one pretend to be a couple. At first, it was just a mutually beneficial arrangement. But when the line between fake and real blurs with all those kisses and deep conversations, what's a guy and a girl going to do? It's really sweet! So so cute. This is also available on Amazon already so if you want a paperback instead, order now!

48.1 million reads

#5 When It Rains in Ocala by WriterBug44 is a sweet whirlwind romance between Maggie and Evan. I can't talk about this book because I'll give everything away. I can't even say what it made me feel because I'll spoil it. But please read it. But don't read the comments section because the spoilers abound there. It's just the sweetest romance. Evan must be the most perfect guy in the world. This love story is breathtaking in its tenderness. 

3.4 million reads

Are we ready for some hot sex? Well, #6 Sleeping with My Best Friend by Shelly Titan is the book for you. It's about Berkley who's oh so ready to get rid of her virginity, but every guy she knows is a douchebag. So who better to do it with than with the guy who loves her but not in a romantic way? The guy who can teach her things and she'll feel safe to explore her sexuality but with no strings attached? The guy that's her best friend since birth, Dean? But Dean thinks sleeping with his best friend is a bad idea. However, after circumstances convince them it's a good idea, they finally give it a go. And woah, what a go! 

What I really like about this is the sex was how my husband and I have sex. I mean, we have fun. All the erotica I've read is overly passionate but the sex scenes between Berkley and Dean are so fun. They chat, they giggle. I think that's what sex should be like! Fun! Read it!

2.7 million reads

#7 Pirouette by The Biblical Sinner is a fast-paced romance that develops between Fiona, a ballerina, and Adam, a boy who dances to escape his hellish world. I like this story because usually in romance novels, it's the guy who's aloof and cold. Adam is a total sweetheart. He's so friendly and wonderful that his tragic backstory hurts. Seeing Fiona warm up and relax and then fall in love with him is totally believable because Adam is worthy of love. And some hot sex! And again, I like the sex here because it's between two people who love and trust each other. It's safe and sweet. Read it!

1.7 million reads

So now let's get to my favorite genre, werewolf romance. Okay, here's what you need to know. Werewolves are soul-mated to one other special creature by the moon goddess. It's a bond that is so strong that when you finally meet your mate, it's love at first sight forever. That means the best werewolf stories are about those who fight that bond!

Which is why #8 Monster by KrystleLight is my favorite werewolf romance novel! It's not too werewolf-y so if you want to give this genre a try, start with this. This story is about Kaea who doesn't understand why Kyle, the heir to the Alpha position, hates her so much. He has bullied her constantly for years, making her resolve to leave their pack as soon as she finishes school and be rid of this monster. Only to find out that her mate is none other than Kyle!

Okay, this is a bullying story and Kyle is really an asshole. But the author does such a wonderful job of redeeming him. His change is believable. In fact, you'll fall in love with him at the same time Kaea does! And when she gets confused between her future outside the pack or by Kyle's side as his Luna, even you'll feel anguish at what choice to pick! 

1.8 million reads

#9 The Wallflower Mate by Leila Vy is cute and also steamy. I don't know how the author did it. There's a perfect balance between the passionate attraction of newfound love and the sweet ordinariness of a couple. Mary wants to find a mate (yep, no moon goddess destiny here) and she takes matters into her own hands by kissing a stranger at a mating ball. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), that stranger is the fearsome Alpha Ryker, who was so surprised at the kiss that he just had to have more. And oh boy, did he get more!   

4 million reads

#10 Finding Home by AE Bennet explores what it feels like when a second chance at love presents itself to Paige and Nathan. Many things have changed in the 5 years since their romance ended, but is the love the same? Spoiler alert: No. It's even better! I love how the story takes time to work through all their issues and heal their heartbreak. The reconciliation is deserved. 

3 million reads

Aaaaand that's my 10 best Wattpad stories list! I have a gazillion more books in my Wattpad reading list and I wish I could do a book review of them all. But anyway, this was so fun to write! Lemme know if you read Wattpad, too, and if you do, drop your recommendations in the comments! 


  1. wow, the number of reads on those stories! i hope they all get to monetize their popularity!
    the closest i've read is Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega series. must check if i'm still caught up with the books because i haven't been reading anything new since the pandemic...
    thank you for answering my question!

    1. Thanks for always leaving comments and sending DMs! I feel like we're friends na, Sharon =)

  2. Thank you for reading my book ‘Sleeping with My Best Friend’ and including it in your list. I’m also a reader too and I’ve read a few of the other books on your list and I loved them too. It’s an honor to be included among them. Thanks for reading! 😘🥰

    1. You are such an amazing writer! All your books are on my Reading List! Thank you for writing!

  3. I dont actually get Wattpad. Do readers pay to read full versions of these books? Also, do writers get paid when they publish in Wattpad? I tried to read a few fan fiction, but the grammar and the sentence construction of some stories turned me off. Lol.

    1. Anyone can write a book on Wattpad, hence you never really know what to get. I usually trust the number of reads and recommendations. They're almost all free except for some special books, which are locked so you buy coins to read the chapters. The pay-to-read books are the ones that pay the authors. I'm not very sure. But I'll put my very first novel on Wattpad and see!


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