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Monday, November 12, 2012

Makeover! My new (old!) hair

One of last month's most popular posts was my transformation so I guess you guys like ugly photos of moi! You, ha. But okay, okay, let's give you more. Presenting Makeover Mondays!

I figured since I just celebrated my 36th birthday, it would be a good idea to do makeovers. Just to let everyone know that it's never too late to do something new! Birthdays and New Years are usually the time when people start something new. But if you're raring to do something different, don't wait for your birthday or January 1. Do it now!

For the first edition of Makeover Mondays, I give you... My hair.

My long, lifeless, tired hair was always tied up! In other news, how cute is that little guy???

I'll tell you the conclusion of this story first. All my husband said when he saw me and my crazy red-pink hair was, "My wife's back," and it was exactly how I felt. I'm baaaaaack!

I've been coloring my hair since I was 18. I started with safe browns and blacks (black didn't suit me at all) then as I got braver, I was sporting blond, purple, orange and finally, my real hair color (haha): RED. So Vince has seen nearly all my hair incarnations, and while most Filipino men cringe at women with weird hair, Vince loved my crazy-colored hair.

That's why I married him.

At Louis Phillip Kee's new salon at Bonifacio Global City. There's Iñigo at left.

Pinoy men like their women to be virgins from hair to vagina. But since a lot of Pinays aren't virgins in the latter sense or don't remain in that state, they obsess about keeping their hair virgins for their guys. Pinoys like long, black, straight hair, not a strand out of place—the perfect hair of their perfect girl.

Now Vince is very Pinoy. I know that he prefers my hair long and straight. But he doesn't force me to look or behave the way he wants. He lets me be me and he loves the crazy me. So even though I know he's super happy when my hair is long (and I am always miserable when my hair is long and uncolored), I know that he'll be happier when I'm happy. He totally subscribes to the philosophy "Happy wife, happy life." You gotta marry a guy like that!

And I see red!

So back to my story! So I color my hair often, and Vince says it's like dating a different girl every few months. I think that's a good thing haha. But then I got pregnant in 2009. No hair color! In 2010, I was too busy to sit for 4 hours to have my hair colored. No hair color! In 2011, I got pregnant again. No hair color! But now, in 2012, after three long years, I finally had my hair colored. And I feel like I finally finally finally recognize the girl in the mirror.

My husband said, "My wife's back." My friends said, "Hey, I know you" and "You look familiar!" and I see my reflection and say, "It's me!"

I may not look better (who looks better with pink hair seriously?) but I look like me. Me! And that is always the best way to be!


  1. I canNOT get over how pretty your hair is. Obsessed! Need to check out your salon STAT!!! :)

  2. I absolutely love the new hair. :)

  3. "Pinoy men like their women to be virgins from hair to vagina." This made me laugh out loud!

    You look beautiful whatever hair color you have. But with that red hair, what can I say? You rock, Frances! :)

  4. I have a friend who has really bright red hair and she's so great at making it work with bold makeup. I'm always in awe at what she comes up with! You look great with red hair! It looks so soft in that picture too. haha. :)

    1. That's my next To Do: how to wear the right makeup for this crazy color! LOL

  5. Thanks, Giday, Ida and Aileen! =D

  6. If you are comfortable with your choices, you'll look gorgeous and confident. Happy birthday!

  7. Ms F! Your "post-partum hair loss" episode's done?! Im inggit! Gusto ko na din but Im afraid na tuluyang makalbo after getting out of the salon

    1. Not yet! My hair is falling falling falling. But don't worry. The only strands that are falling are the ones that ordinarily would have fallen if you hadn't been preggy. So diba we lose around 100 strands a day? But when we were pregnant, we didn't lose them. That's why we looked so luscious when we were buntis! But 100 strands x 9 months equals a TON of hair but you really were supposed to lose them.

  8. so nice! it suits you. :) does it bleed? i had my hair colored red once, and bleed sha ng bleed. kaya pala some people would say red hair is expensive kasi you'd have to have it retouched often.

    1. Yes, red is the worst bleeder. The grout sa shower tiles namin is pink na haha


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