Friday, November 16, 2012

Taking my hits

Iggy Pop wrote this lovely letter to a young girl who was going through a lot of shit. His letter made all the difference.

I have also just recovered from a pretty massive hit. I wasn't surprised when it hit as I have felt it building up since the start of this year. And when it finally punched me straight between the eyes, I was dizzy and in despair for a good long while. You didn't notice it? I'm very good at hiding things apparently, which comes as a surprise to me.

For a while there, I was thinking, "Why can't my life just remain perfect? Why do I have to go through this? Why must things change?" I soon realized—rather, I was made to remember—that some things, good and bad, are meant for you. You'll just have to man up, embrace the changes, and move forward.
Good or bad, it applies.

What got me going was the gigantic love and support of Vince and a few very close friends. Yes, only a very few knew. So precious few, but if you read between the lines of my blog posts, especially at the start of the year, you'd have been able to tell that I was going through some major emotional seismic shifts.

Now I've taken my hits, I've recovered, I'm moving on. It wasn't so bad, after all! In the great scheme of things, my hit was so ridiculously shallow, I am ashamed I was so worried and upset about it. In fact, I'm now glad it happened. Because I'm so psyched about the future!

I'll tell you all about it soon. I'm off to Tagaytay for a much needed break! Meanwhile, what I just want to say is if you're going through hell right now, don't despair. It's happening for a reason—whether it's to humble you or to prepare you for something much bigger. Or maybe you're being used to help someone. Whatever it is, you have to believe that there is a purpose. Of course, some shit is really just random. You just happen to be collateral damage. But don't allow yourself to be a victim of random shit flying about. Like that poster above said, if that shit wasn't meant for you, it wouldn't land on you! So get a-hold of the situation, stand up, dust yourself off, and move on.

Now if you know someone going through hell lately, be more patient with them. Sometimes, words of encouragement are all we need. Or a smile, a hug, a look of love. Then we're ready to take on the world again.

Thanks to my amazing support group, I am. I am oh so ready.


  1. Thanks for this post, Frances! Really inspiring since recently I've been feeling down and I have been wondering if I'm still on the right track. Just taking one day at a time. Enjoy your break! :)

  2. Cheering for you, F! :) I am excited for your future, too!

  3. Such an inspiring post, Frances! Enjoy your Tagaytay getaway :)

  4. Thank you, Frances! This is just the encouragement and inspiration I needed. :)

  5. "You can never put a good girl down!"

    And ikaw yan Mommy Frances! Whatever obstacles you went through this year, babangon ka at dudurugin mo sila! Hahaha! You are a wonder woman (yan ang tingin ko sayo) so I am sure you will be moving on with your head held high.

    More power Frances. I am so looking forward to the coming months to read all about it here in your blog! =)

  6. wow. this just spoke to me. i myself am going through something right now, and i know there is a reason for it. thank you for this entry.

  7. i'm sure you enjoy that well-deserved getaway with your boys! i'll be waiting for big blog posts with lotsa lotsa photos! :)

  8. that's why you are such a blessing to many,Ms. Frances:)
    you give us, your readers.. plenty of reasons to remain strong...& thankful...
    whatever life throws at us...:)


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