Friday, March 07, 2014

Dapper threads from Hugo Boss

Vince and I have been attending a lot of weddings lately. We love dressing up, especially for weddings, because it's not just a reflection of our style but a show of respect for the wedded couple and the occasion. But it's really hard to look perfect  in a a suit and a dress when you're chasing after two little boys. I just tell myself that we're going for the British look lately—stylish but disheveled.

Then I saw these at Vanity Fair's Oscar after-party.
Reese Witherspoon in a black-and-gray paillette embroidered silk dress from the new Fall/Winter 2014 BOSS runway collection. I love her hair! But if I'm to wear this (and not to a wedding hehe), I need to not eat for a month.

Adrien Brody in a perfect Hugo tux. Sigh! He reminds me of Vince! I really like skinny guys with prominent noses!

Stylish but disheveled just doesn't cut it anymore at weddings! Vince, since we're at that strange time when people are getting us to be ninong and ninang sa kasal, I think we need to go get new clothes from Hugo Boss. And leave the kids at home so we can look like movie stars!

*Images courtesy of HUGO BOSS.

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