Monday, May 02, 2016

Learn how to dress your pregnant self stylishly in Mom 101

Happy Mommy's Month!

It's been a very busy past few weeks for me—I have new blog partners and new endorsements! Mother's Month (hehe because we all know we have to appreciate moms all this month!) is just as busy. The scariest part is I have new speaking engagements! I'm frightened and excited at the same time because with my workshops, I usually just speak to 10-20 people. My talks this month have an audience of 120-150!

The first one is this Saturday, at the Mom 101 & Breastfeeding 101 series of St. Luke's Medical Center. This series is by the OBG Department and this weekend's instalment has a summer theme. I'll be talking about how to dress your baby bump stylishly even when it's so hot!

My segment is sponsored by Elin Maternity Wear. I was the first ambassador of Elin way back in 2014. It was so fun to have all my maternity clothes for free! Thanks, Elin! Actually, I still wear Elin because they have clothes for breastfeeding moms, too. And if you check out their site, they have other clothes that moms and non-moms can wear. Shop here:

I hope you can invite your pregnant friends to come spend the day with us on Saturday! Just register through the number stated on the poster above. See you!

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