Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Watch this perfect wedding dance to Ed Sheeran's Perfect

I'm neck-deep in work for my job as beauty editor at L'Oréal, mamas! I have so much to blog about, I know, and I will. Lemme just meet my deadlines first!

So anyway, quick post before I run off again to write beauty articles. So when I write late at night,  I need music to help drown out the thick silence, which can get unnerving. I don't know why that happens to me when I work. The quiet never bothers me when I'm reading a book.

But anyway. So I listen to lots of songs but not from iTunes or Spotify. I usually search for a song my Uber driver recommended that day and then I let the auto play take over. This is how even though I am in my 40s, I am not stuck in the songs of my youth (which would be the 80s and 90s—which had the best songs!). That's why I still sing and dance to Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and why I'm so so so in love with Ed Sheeran.


My current favorite song is "Perfect." I didn't really like it when it first came out, especially the video because he was so friend-zoned it was painful. Of course there is a happy ending to the video (watch it below!) and it took me a few views before I decided I slowly fell in love with the song the way the girl in the video slowly fell in love with Ed.

Anyway, as I was watching that dance at the end, it dawned on me how it's the perfect song to dance to at a wedding. Right??? I'm sure I'm not the first one who thought this and true enough, a quick search produced a dozed wedding dances. Okay, don't even bother looking at those because I already did and they are awkward and painful to watch haha

But this one, mamas... This one is beautiful. Of all the videos of wedding dances to "Perfect," this is not the swankiest wedding, nor the most elegant, and I wish the camera was nicer, but this dance... Oh, it's so sweet.

I keep thinking of Vince when I heard the line, "We were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was." That's so us. Well, I dunno about Vince. He always seemed so sure about me, about us. So I just followed his lead and I'm so glad I did. So glad I did.


  1. Though I don't believe in the word "perfect" because I don't think it really exist... I still believe in love!!! Especially after hearing Ed's Sheeran song!

  2. I love that song! Hahhy!

    Can I also just say I love it when you write about your love story? Haha! When I was single your blogs about Vince were some of the few that convinced me na "may forever" haha!

    Now, I've found mine. Yiheee!!

  3. I love this song too! My daughter loves Ed Sheeran so updated ako sa songs niya. ��

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    IG: @akosimisang

  4. This made think where my relationship is with my husband right now. Keeping marriage under wrap is a challenge. We (couple) intend to forget why we fall in love and why we stay in relationship because of unending responsibilities as partners and as parents. The video reminds me to be grateful of simple things and my imperfect marriage. IG jadm_1122 FB Joys DM

  5. Hehe wish someday makasali kmi ng husband q sa church kasi pangarap q talaga lumakad sa aile nd have a wedding dance with my loving husband but now unahin na mna namn pangangailangan ng mga anak namn.. thank you for sharing ms. @Topazhorison😍❤️.. godbless u always😍😘😘
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  6. Palagi ako kinakantahab ni husband ng Perfect! Kasi mga bata na memorize na nila. Ang ganda naman talaga ng perfect ni ed Sheeran kung na uso ito nung nagpakasal kami baka sinayaw na din namin! Ang cute ng wedding dance!

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  7. I love this song too, nakakakilig...

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  9. I watched it! ang ganda po! dancer yan eh hehe, napaka graceful gumalaw ng dalawa, nakakainlove tlga ang song na yan ni ed sheeran, actually hinarana dn ako nung nanliligaw sakin nyan last week po, kilig much! although sa vidcall pa lng po kasi taga ibang lugar sya nakatira, he'll be here soon this summer to spend time with us, im excited to see him again! I'm falling na kasi eh, pero tlgang hinay2 lng ako, d ko pinapapansin sakanya online hehe, konting pahabol naman hehe. Great wedding dance! sana marunong din ako sumayaw!
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