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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vince and I did it!

April 18, 2007

Villa San Miguel, Archbishop's Palace

Mandaluyong City

After eight full years of being I and you, he and she, him and her, Vince and I are now we.

I am now Mrs. Sales.

That’s just awesome.


  1. Congrats!!!!!
    I wish I could be like you! but that dream seems far away....when I think it is is not...hope you be happy forever

  2. Thanks, Kaftan and Aline! How you stumbled onto my blog, I do not know but thanks for dropping by and the best wishes!!!

  3. Best wishes to you and congratulations to your hubby!

    All the best!

  4. Thanks b_box! Hope you never encounter problems with Cebu Pacific ever again! =P

  5. Frances! :) congratulations! You look gorgeous, hehe. Are you the inspiration for Vince's Life? ;p

  6. Thanks, Bianx! As for the book, Vince said I'm not the girl there, pati yung mga exes niya hindi rin daw sila yun haha. BUT! Malakas tumawa si Andrea and Scorpio siya and pretty and payat and brown-haired... baka ako nga yun! Pero yung Andrea niya mahina loob at hindi kaya ipaglaban ang pag-ibig niya at iniwan pa siya (bitch!), kaya hindi ako yun!!!

  7. Franz. Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous day.

    You guys are awesome :D

  8. Chris! Thanks for being there. Iza had such nice things to say about you =)

  9. Hi Frances, thanks for visiting my blog too. Looking at your pics, it doesn't seem like you only planned it for 2 months! Beautiful, beautiful details! Congrats!

  10. Yes, Meleen, I can't believe it myself... Two months! Everything was beautiful. Thanks for noticing and visiting, too!

  11. i love, love your wedding - the colors, cake, and you. you were a very beautiful bride. :) saka halatang walang ka-stress stress. hahaha.

  12. Naku, sobrag stress! I even got sick the week before. I was ready to collapse!!! The lesson of the story is don't get married in such a short time! But in a big way, I also liked it that way ksi tapos na lahat ng stress in 2 months, instead of me being stressed for longer!

    Thanks, Kaith! =D


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