Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting ready to stun my groom

Who else will do my makeup for the big day? There was no question that my old high school friend, Jigs Mayuga, chief makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris, will do it. He took Ney Guese, this lovely talented young man to do my hair. While we talked, I found out that Jigs is an Industrial Engineering graduate from U.P. Diliman (same campus I went to but I took Creative Writing so we never actually bumped into each other) and that Ney is a Political Science graduate from the Ateneo. Imagine that!

Look at me! Love the makeup. Love the hair. Love the bouquet. Now I’m ready to meet Vince!

I chattered away throughout the beautifying session (I was all nerves!) but when Ney draped the veil over me, I gasped in utter shock. I nearly frikkin’ screamed my head off. I was a bride!


  1. Thanks, Tisha! Galing what love (and great makeup haha) can do!

  2. you're really pretty france! jigs did a great job in accentuating your beauty!
    we also never bumped into each otehr in dilimanh huh? laki naman ksi ng campus e :D


  3. Thanks, Rafela! The great thing about Jigs is, aside from being my friend, he's made up my face before so he knew just what to do when he arrived at the hotel. I completely trusted him.

    And it sure doesn't hurt that he's the Chief Makeup Artist for L'Oreal Paris!!!

  4. darling you look so cute under your veil!!!

  5. Hi Frances!

    I would also like to have Jigs as my makeup artist for my wedding.
    Would you have his contact no. /website address?

    Wud love to find out his rates..

  6. Hi! You can email Jigs at emayuga@yahoo.com or call him at (0917)574-8556.

    I don't know his rates since he was an old friend and the makeup was a lovely gift. But he is very very good so whatever he may charge you (he is, after all, chief makeup artist of L'Oreal Paris here!), it is so worth it! Lahat ng brides I know that he did, super ganda and na-in love ulit ang groom. Worth it!!!

  7. sassy bride. whew! i like everythin!


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