Work with me

Topaz Horizon has over 62,000 page views in a month. Clearly, this personal blog is supported by love and friendship. And advertising! I'm happy to accommodate ads, sponsored posts and promos, although I only do so if I use, love and strongly believe in your brand.

For complete ad packages, Nuffnang Philippines handles my requirements. You may send your inquiries to Trixie Esguerra. I'll send you her email address--just email me first!

For sponsored posts, promos, speaking engagements, interviews, brand collaborations and brand ambassadorships, please send your inquiries to

I also welcome press releases and will post these at no charge but I do not guarantee that I will publish everything sent my way. Like I said, this is a personal blog filled with personal things that I love so I have to love your brand first before I put it here! I'm sure you understand.

Thank you for your interest in Topaz Horizon!