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Why work with Topaz Horizon?
There are a million mommy and lifestyle blogs so why choose this specific blog? Topaz Horizon is known for being an extremely honest blog—moms love the raw emotions and the tell-it-as-it-is quality this blog stands by. This attracts passionate reactions, heated debates, and a high level of engagement. Still, there are a lot of honest moms and authentic women out there, too. So what will make Topaz Horizon a brand you'll want to partner with?

As a writer and with my experience as a magazine editor and PR associate, I can offer you more than the average blogger can. I know how to create content that readers want. I am trained to seek out the new, the newsworthy, and the interesting. I have a keen understanding of brands and marketing. Plus, I write really well! All these qualities make for an attractive partnership because you know that your brand is in good hands when you work with Topaz Horizon.

How do you work with brands?
There are several ways I support brands. Here's a list. Choose the package you love then email me at!

Sponsored post on the blog
A sponsored feature means I will talk about your brand in a fun and honest manner because I'm fun and honest. That's the only way I do sponsored posts. Yes, I've gotten into trouble because there was this one brand that wanted me to be serious and "write only in English" and another brand that asked, "Can you not mention that part where you said a not-so-favorable thing about our product?" 

Anyway, for a mutually beneficial partnership, I highly suggest sponsored posts because even though people love Instagram and Snapchat, those aren't Google-able. If people are looking for relevant content about your brand, they're not going to find it on social media. You want blogs for that. You want fun and personal blogs like Topaz Horizon because a post here engages my loyal readers to really consider your brand resulting to better exposure for your brand. Plus, my readers—being mostly mothers and career women—hold the purse strings so they have purchasing power. My audience may not be vast but they are powerful.

Sponsored post on social media
I have three public social media accounts: InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. Click, click to check them out! Follow me! I love being online! I like social networking and I am dedicated to promoting brands featured on Topaz Horizon. With over 6,000 followers on Instagram, over 2,800 followers on Twitter and more than 3,000 friends, fans and subscribers on my Facebook account and this blog's Facebook page, I am capable of building awareness for your brand.

Ads on the blog
If you'd like to have a daily presence on Topaz Horizon, then an ad linking to the URL you desire will suit your needs. I have two spaces for rent: leaderboard and sidebar.

I used to love doing giveaways but because of the proliferation of professional contest joiners, and because giveaways attract the market your brand doesn't cater to, and because giveaways take up so much time and effort (choosing winner/s, contacting winner/s, sending prize/s), I am now only accepting giveaways if they are sponsored, too. Yes. 

If you'd like to give away a product or service anyway but don't want to spend, you can just donate to my Ask Frances series. I give away a product to the reader who has the question of the month. 

Brand ambassadorship
I'm so happy to say that I've been tapped to be digital ambassador for brands like Smart Telecom, Biogenic, Jolly Food, Nutella, Physiogel, Microsoft Windows 10, Pampers, Nippon Paint, Lotte Xylitol, and Sangobion. I will be happy to represent brands that I use and believe in. This will entail my complete support on the blog and on social media, plus lock-out of competing brands in the duration of brand ambassadorship if the brand wishes it. If you believe I am a perfect fit for your brand and what it represents, I am open to discussing your proposal.

Speaking engagements and workshops 
I love giving talks at events that are for wives, mothers and career women! With my experience as a magazine editor, I can talk about fashion and beauty. With my 10 years' of blogging experience, I can talk about blogging and social media. I can talk about work-life balance. And of course I love talking about marriage and motherhood. If you're a brand that mounts events for the women I also love, let's work together!

Do you accept guest posts?
As of now, I don't. There have been guest posts from my husband but that's because he blogged about the births of our kids. I also sent someone to Singapore once to cover an event for me. So far, those have been the few guest posts that have appeared on my blog. But email me anyway ( if you'd like to write for Topaz Horizon!

Do you attend events for free?
Oh yes, I do! I dunno when bloggers started charging for attending events. That's like my guests charging me for attending my wedding, ya know? So if you have a lovely party for women and moms, and it's from 11am to 3pm on a weekday, send an invite to
You don't even have to give me a goody bag. Just put me on the table near the kitchen because I like to eat!

However, after saying that, I have to admit I don't attend every event I'm invited to. I'm a mommy to three wonderful little boys who need me 24/7. Attending events means time and distance from my kids. Plus, here in Manila, the traffic is truly monstrous. Hindi ko kaya. Nakakaiyak, guys. I have decided therefore that I will attend events of brands that I truly love. Except if the event is at 5pm onwards. Because I am now a mom, I don't have a social life after 5pm. My life's all about cooking dinner, feeding the family, doing homework, and bedtime stories when the sun sets!

Are all your posts sponsored?
No naman. I wish! Para mayaman na ako haha. And even the sponsored ones, I make sure only the space is bought, not my opinion. To be completely credible, I only choose to work with brands that I already use or believe in. Buti na lang I use a lot of stuff! Effect of being a mommy—whereas before masaya na ang buhay ko with books, a bed, running water, and tinolang manok and rice, ngayon hindi na. Life with kids means I'm perpetually on the hunt for what's best for my family. This hunt-and-gather lifestyle, my goodness, it never ends! So if you see that I've used your product or service or you think your brand needs to be discovered by my intelligent, discerning, meticulous and amazing readers, drop me a line here:

Thank you for your interest in Topaz Horizon! Please email me for rates and for more details.

Most importantly, enough na for me that you're here, reading my posts, sharing them, leaving comments, writing me emails. That's the best kind of support really. Thank you so much!