Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Don't read this post if you haven't finished Breaking Dawn!

Don't worry. No real spoilers here, but I'm not exactly discreet either. So read at your own risk!

I just finished the last book of the Twilight Saga and I must say the following:

1. Many events in the book took me quite by surprise, which is good. It's always a good thing when a writer can be unpredictable.

2. That said, just because a writer can surprise you doesn't mean the surprises are all pleasant. I didn't like a lot of things. A horrid name, for example. Ugh, I just can't get over that name.

3. While we were treated to a stylistic tool in the third book (Jacob's POV), to use that same tool in a huge chunk of BD was a little too late, a little too convenient, a little too lazy. I must admit, though, Jacob's part was the best read. Bella had become increasingly boring since the second book so the story told in another way and another voice was strangely a relief.

4. I miss, truly miss, Bella and Edward's love story. In this book, it wasn't really about their love story as much as it was about a family story. Make no mistake--Edward and Bella are even more deeply in love here than ever. But I guess marriage does that to any couple (including me and Vince. Sigh!): the focus isn't entirely on each other anymore; you include others into the circle. Not a bad thing really but... I just really want to say I miss that consuming, one-of-a-kind, maddeningly young, deeply private love story that is Bella and Edward.

5. I think I get the cover now. WOW! That was totally unexpected. But, like I said, that cover says it all--Bella has an entirely new passion and focus in BD. And never ever did I think that Stephenie would pounce that on us!

6. Last but not the least, Team Edward HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!

Okay, I'll stop there. But darnit, I want to discuss this book already! Everyone I know are still reading it, are done but are currently catching up on sleep they lost because of the midnight release and the subsequent marathon reading, or there's someone not done reading it yet in a gathering of those who've finished it so we all can't talk about it anyway! Anyone out there done with it? Comment!!!

*book cover image from Stephenie Meyer's site. Team Edward button from Cafe Press. Click on the button to pledge allegiance to the most swoon-worthy vampire in the world: Edward!

UPDATE: Okay, I've slept already. I've digested the book. And now, even with all the negative things I said above, I think that I actually really liked Breaking Dawn! I still don't like that name though...


  1. I think it was a very disappointing end to what would have been a great love story. It's still an unforgettable story but the ending was forgettable. I'm still wanting to forget it.

  2. I loved it! Well, now I do. I just needed time to let go of my own imagined ending and let Stephenie take me for the wild and unexpected ride that BD was.

    It wasn't so bad. A lot different from the other books. It actually almost reads like it was another novel altogether (which for me was the sad mistake). The first three books do feel like you were immersed in a teenage love story. Then in BD, it suddenly feels like you're with people in their 30s. It just feels so old, marriage, babies, protecting the family... So that felt too sudden for me. After all, Bella was still 19. Did becoming a vampire also make you wise? You see, even though it was established early on that Bella was wise beyond her years, her actions always felt so young (insecure about herself, can't choose between two lovers, etc) so I never bought into that.

    Then she gets married, pregnant and vampirized in a couple of months and suddenly she has the wisdom of the ages? That I didn't buy.

    But for all that, I still enjoyed the book!

  3. Renesmee.



    Peace! =P

  4. haha, funny.

    no really, i kinda laughed!

  5. I'm actually fairly new to the Twilight series. I just finished Twilight and planning on reading New Moon.

    Even with the spoiler, I would still want to read Breaking Dawn. :)

  6. hey frances!

    i just got around reading the whole twilight saga yesterday (i read all 4 books in 4 days and i am still recovering from sleep) and i have to agree with you. that is really a horrid name! they should have just chosen carlie as nessie's real name.

    anyway, i also did not buy that bella suddenly became mature beyond her years after having the baby in this book. it would have been more realistic if she acted like a clueless teenage mom freaking out all the time rather than getting the feel of a 30 year old. edward i can understand, but bella no.

    as a whole, i loved the whole series. i have not been addicted to a book (or books) since harry potter and da vinci code. glad you also like the book. now i'm looking forward to midnight sun to get edward's side of the story. :D

  7. Ya, for me, it was the horrified reactions of Jacob and Edward and everybody else except Rosalie that made sense. She was pregnant for 2 months--that's not enough time to comprehend what's happening. A lot of pregnant teenagers sill struggle with accepting what's happening to them and they had a full 9 months! And remember--Bella didn't want or foresee kids so the sudden change of mind is implausible.

    But ya, I'll still buy Midnight Sun!


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