Monday, November 16, 2009

Stressing out!

This is Figaro Cafe on Emerald Avenue in Ortigas Center.
It's dark and cool and quiet. It has the feel of a gentleman's library, with the dark paneled walls and deep leather couches. I love the coffee here and the pasta and the vanilla pudding. I love how being here relaxes me. These photos were taken last month. I should've gone there today. I should've hidden away from the world.

Woke up today to urgent messages on the phone but couldn't really call back. Our apartment is strange--even though we're in the heart of the city and surrounded by cell towers, the signal is incredibly weak. So not being able to call back to other people when they're freaking out adds to my stress.

Then this day wasn't so cool... although it ended much better than how it started. I hope this means things will indeed get better. Since Galady got her stroke and then recently died, I've been feeling melancholy and easily bothered and annoyed. Then stuff has been happening that I can't disclose just right now and I am now more agitated than usual.

This of course meant I said some things to some people that I shouldn't have had. Even though what I did say was true, sometimes it's best to just shut up. Unfortunately, when I'm feeling sad and crabby, I'm not the best person to be with.

I should also just avoid Facebook. Or maybe I should just erase all my relatives on Facebook. Or maybe I should just grow up and not be fake and just erase all the people I don't like but accepted as my friends anyway. Why am I pretending we're friends anyway? Why do I let people bully me into accepting them just because we're related or we met at some obscure time in my life?

I am not in a good mood. I think I'm going to shut off my phones, avoid Facebook and my email, and just blog about happy things. Because my life is actually happy. If only some people didn't belong in it or meddle with it, it would be perfect!


  1. I thought I'm the only one who feels like this sometimes. I didn't know that being honest to yourself can hurt other people with the weird way they interpret things.

  2. Ain't that the truth? Sometimes these social networks could get us in trouble. Just sign up for another facebook account Frances. Separate family & friends. It works for me.

  3. facebook really did complicate our lives, didn't it?? sheesh. that's why i made a fb friend list especially for relatives -- they're in the restricted section! hehe!

    i just hope they don't notice that they couldn't see a thing on my profile. XD

  4. Block them on FB. I blocked my mom and a couple of aunts. So not worth the stress.

  5. Big sigh! I created Facebook for work actually, for networking. Not for snoopy relatives. I also have hidden them all away so that I never need to know what's happening in their blah lives. Unfortunately, just because I can't see them doesn't mean they can't see me!!!


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