Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Excited to give a talk!

My dearest Topaz Horizon readers, I know I haven't been updating as often as I usually do. Been melancholy since Galady died and also been busy entertaining Matilda who is now a lonely wabbit. Then there's stuff happening at work (sorry, can't disclose) but suffice it to say that these have been interesting times. And if you're Chinese, you know that that's actually not a good thing!

Hello, my name is Mozzarella. I'm Frances' teddy bear.

I'm also going on a hypoallergenic diet. Had a bad allergic reaction to a facial this weekend (the seaweed mask did it). So I should avoid everything that I'm allergic to so that my skin won't get worse. So good-bye chicken, eggs, seafood, milk, chocolates, citrus fruits and everything else that makes life worth living!!! Man, I really hate hypoallergenic diets! Some people recommend a complete colon cleanse to flush away all the allergens in my system but I'll stick to drinking water. I just had my last two squares of brownies actually and, at dinner, a few sips of spicy chicken soup. Yum! So now I'm itchy again but... only for tonight. Tomorrow and for the next week, I'll be good.

This is what Frances looks like when she's blogging.

No pictures obviously. So my darling Mozzarella will pretend to be moi. Indeed I look ghastly. Splotchy and red. So upsetting since I'm giving my first ever classroom talk on Wednesday. I'm sooooo excited! Except that I look like a cooked lobster so now I'm not so excited to face a roomful of students as the representative of the glamorous world of magazines. No way can anyone look glamorous with a swollen, red, bumpy face. But they invited me because of my credentials not because of my skin or the clothes I wear. Still, please pray my skin will calm down by tomorrow.

I'm really excited about my talk. It will be in De La Salle University and I'll be telling some college kids all about the celebrity magazine industry. And, honey, y'all know I love my job! Goodness, it's like being paid to eat candy really. Ya, some days it's cloying, some days it's sickening but most days, life is oh so sweet. And to tell kids about it is really something I'm looking forward to.

Now the question is what shall I wear? I wanted to wear my usual skinny jeans-comfy tee-and-sexy heels combo but my hubby says I should look professional. But that's what I wear when I go to work! Vince says I should put on the arsenal of dress, heels and makeup so I won't look like a student. Aww, ain't he sweet? He thinks I can still pass as a student! I love you, Vince!


  1. Allergic to chocolate?! So sorry for you. You'll do great with the class talk. Vince is right about the clothes.

  2. Mozzarella is cute complete with pearls pa!

  3. good luck with your lecture! (may we sit in?) hehehe. :) sorry to hear about the skin reaction from that facial.. hope all will be better soon. :)

  4. I wore a pretty sophisticated sleeveless dress when I gave a talk at my high school...but the admin made me wear a shawl because people weren't allowed to wear sleeveless daw! Oh well. Good luck! And have fun!:)

  5. don't worry, i'm sure you'll do fine with that talk -- let us know what you're wearing. hee!

  6. Hey, Frances, good luck with that talk. I'm sure you'll do great. It will be an amazing inspiration to students to see someone who loves their work. I've always admired those speakers who seemed to be totally happy with their jobs.

    Also, I hear you on those hypoallergenic diets (though I never knew that they were called that). I'm allergic to most seafood, egg, chicken, and cheese. I've got this itty bitty rash on my arm that won't go away because though I stopped eating most of those on the list, I never stopped eating cheese. Haha.

  7. Good luck to your upcoming speaking engagement Frances. Hope you'll be OK in time for that event.

    And I love the bear (and your captions on it.)

  8. wow! you're giving a talk in DLSU? that's where I go to school. :D I know you're gonna do well on your talk cos I know I enjoyed your talk at the BDJ seminar. :-)

    Goodluck! And hope your skin does calm down soon.

  9. Mozzarella is so cute! You give your pets and teddy bears the cutest names!

  10. Oh poor Matilda and poor you - I hope you start feeling better and that your skin recovers soon xx

  11. Oh noes :( Sorry to hear about your allergies. I get those, too every now and then and I hate it :(

    But I'm excited for you as well. It is very exciting talking to college students, as the enthusiasm and bubbly attitude is always there, something you have in common with them :)

    Good luck, Frances! :) and get well :)

  12. I'd def wear a dress and heels, but then...thats what I normally wear ;)


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