Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Behind the scenes of OK!'s Christmas staff shoot

Staff shoot post again! This shoot actually took place months ago (you can see what happened there here, here and here) since we had to take photos of Joanna while her pregnant tummy was still small. You see, we usually have our photos taken a month before the issue comes out. Since this was for the December issue, we had to have the shoot late October, but since Joanna was going to give birth in October, we knew she wouldn't be available so we just shot the Christmas shoot in July. Whew, long sentence there!

Our art director Sonny tells us where to stand and how to pose. The idea was Gossip Girl. Since I never watch that silly show, I have no idea what he's talking about. But when we look at the pics, they tell me we all nailed the GG look.

This is what came out in the magazine... with some major Photoshop editing! The wrinkles and folds of my dress around the stomach area was smoothened (the dress was a size 2 and I'm a 4. I could hardly breathe in it!), Sonny's pants were darkened from blue to black to keep with the color scheme of red, white and black. Joanna's dress came out orange so we color-corrected that and...

... well, since Joanna was hugging her tummy up there, we took her photo from down here, cut it out, pasted it back up there, and removed her baby bump. Yes, that's possible with Photoshop! Since this was coming out in the December issue--and Joanna had given birth by then--we can't have her pregnant! We also extended the mat we're all standing on. The shoes--except my nude pumps and Elaine's studded gladiators--were all borrowed so to prevent scuff marks on the sole, we had to stand on that mat. Sonny, who's not on the mat, had masking tape on the soles of his shoes (you can see the tape peeking out). We digitally removed that, too.

Nikki, OK!'s beauty columnist and our stylist for the shoot, joins us. As our photographer Ocs adjusts the light, we all rest from all the smiling and catch up. We super miss Nikki! She's getting married in a couple of months and we're all buzzing about what we'll wear to her stylish wedding. Meanwhile, doesn't Elaine look so Blair?

There are three things the OK! staff all love: Hollywood celebs, eating and laughing. Our photo shoots are always a nightmare for the photographers because we can't stop laughing. I posted the photo of us looking the least hilarious (of course, I can't let us look silly!).

And here's the entire staff with the team who made us look fantabulous! Want to see the final shot? Pick up OK!'s December issue and you may even get a chance to win the most expensive moisturizer on the planet!



  1. I already saw the final shot, F. And you guys look dazzling! =)

  2. Pre-editing, everyone look great!!!!! I don't even think Photoshop-ing is needed! but of course..for the sake of perfection! :) Love the final shot and it spelled out "gorgeous Family!"

  3. I have the December issue!

    Those pumps look great on you, noticed them pa lang in the mag :)

    Ah, gotta love Photoshop!

  4. That red dress is killer! You all looked great!

  5. Have I told you yet that your Max and Cleo dress is the bomb? Ganda! :) Again, congrats on your fab Dec ish!

  6. Stunning dress, Frances!
    You and your team look fabulous for your Dec. cover. Personally, I think Asians are much more stylish than Europeans :)

  7. Oh wow, I think we had the same team--we had Ocs, Ces, and Emar! (We were supposed to have Marie but she couldn't make it.) Our impromptu stylist was Pia though.

    You guys look awesome. Lana looks fierce!

  8. GG is not silly. :-P The show's actually a good psych study on what goes on in people's minds. Haha.

    Great photoshoot!

  9. Duni, oh wow that's nice to know. I think that's because we care a little too much about what people think. It's kinda silly the extent some people go for fashion (believe me, I'm not one of them--I'm a shirt-jeans kinda girl) but I always like what I see so I won't criticize anybody for being fashionable!

    Baoru, haha, ya, my friends who are GG and Twilight movie fans always get annoyed at me. But I'm sure you'll understand that a sci-fi/crime/biography/history nerd like me just can't take GG and Twilight seriously! They always retaliate--and you can, too!--by rolling their eyes whenever I start talking about multiple universes, gruesome murders and World War II =P

    Hey, thanks everybody! We all looked great but that's also because so many people worked to make us look that way! =D Although I do want to reiterate that I have a very good-looking staff, with or without makeup!

  10. Hello Frances,

    I bought the December issue nung long weekend a couple of weeks ago but I left it - and the receipt - with my sister sa province so I can't join the contest hehehe! You're so sexy in that red dress ha! :)

  11. i love this post... its cute!
    and since i dont know how to photoshop (yes yes) i enjoyed that...

  12. the shoot really looked successful - excellent photos! the photoshopping wasn't necessary. ^_^

  13. I love the reds of the clothes. So cheery and holiday-appropriate! Happy holidays!

  14. Nice outfits! All of you looks fabulous!


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