Friday, December 04, 2009

My beauty blog has a new look!

I've seriously neglected Beauty For A Living. I've been buried under a mountain of press kits and beauty products that I really don't know which to feature anymore! So I just ignored my beauty blog. But I checked it out recently and found the template had completely gone on self-destruct. I wonder how long that's been like that! Thank goodness I discovered...

Shabby Blogs has a wealth of the most adorable backgrounds, headers, buttons and cute extras so perfect for my beauty blog! Now Beauty For A Living looks really beautiful. Go visit my pretty blog now!

What's that you said? When will I update Topaz Horizon's inky look? Well, I really don't know. I decided long ago that this blog will be black for the simple reason that black screens consume the least energy. So when you're reading my blog, you're also saving the planet! But yeah, I'm getting pretty bored with it myself. Do you think it's time for a Topaz Horizon makeover, too? I want it to still be black, though, with maybe touches of orange design elements... without it ending up looking like a Halloween blog. If you can help me out, I'll send you a bag of beauty products!

P.S. Is no one going to join my OK! contest? I'm giving away a jar of the most expensive moisturizer on the face of the earth!


  1. Me, me!!! I want that beauty jar, haha. That's really incredibly expensive. How effective is it?

  2. By the way, a blog makeover is a great idea! Black is really classy. Hmmm...I might want to do that in my own blog too. Haha.

    Something black and pink would suit you, I think. Nothing that will make it look like it's garbed too much.

  3. I also have a black layout..
    teh thing that i want the most for my blog is to have a 3 column layout with a black background..
    it's a good thing that i saw one layout that i like..

    i would want to join the contest..although im just a new OK! subsriber..
    actually i just started reading OK! last october lang..hehe

    when you left a comment before saying that i have a career in beauty!
    i won't forget that because i felt so proud of my blog.I was in high cotton when you said that because i look up to you...or maybe it's just my imagination.hehe

    not that i am actually planning to abandon my students & go traipsing into the unknown world...

    i'll try to see if i can join..anyways, the prize is good, but what im after is to just say that that one comment of yours made me feel so proud!

    haba ng comment ko. nalito ka na yata

    have a nice weekend,hun

  4. Dear! :) I only read about the contest now and I do have the December issue of Ok! by my bed. I don't have the receipt anymore, though, I bought this the other day but I'd still send you my picture because I promised I'd start reading Ok! :)

  5. Baoru, you have to send me photos of yourself with the Dec issue and your fave story from that issue! As for the blog design, I think it'll have to be black and orange--topaz is orange-hued.

    Thiamere, that one comment was meant. I never say anything I don't mean--especially if I have to write it down!!! =)

    Teeyah, I don't need the receipt! Just the photos of you and the mag and the story =)

  6. I've always been an avid fan of black...usually combined with loud orange, or green or pink. It looks classy & fun at the same time. Would love to see your new layout! =)

    PS: I'm getting the December issue of your mag tonight, dear. Joining or not, the cover alone makes me want to grab it NOW. =D

  7. You could try you want a more streamlined look. It's a pain to change templates though. Lost my widgets, good thing I saved it before I messed with the thing...

  8. Wow! The most expensive moisturizer? So how much is it really? I will feel like a queen the moment that cream touches my face!


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