Saturday, August 07, 2010

My belly button behaved itself!

Remember when I talked about missing my belly button?
Pinky is 34 weeks along while I'm 38 weeks!

Well, a couple of days ago, my dear old friend from Assumption, Pinky Jacob Ileto, kidnapped me so we can have a lovely mommy-to-be chat over dinner. She gave Jelly Bean a fabulous Darth Vader button-down shirt (to the immense delight of the baby daddy!) and then she dragged me around Rustan's Shang to shop for all things baby--bottles, nipples, baby clothes, etc!

Now, in our photo above, you can see that my 38-week-old pregnant belly is stretched to incredible proportions... but my belly button is nowhere to be seen.

Yep, folks, the button decided it won't become a third nipple. So despite the stretch marks, the huge bloated feet, the weird skin discolorations, and everything else happening to my body, I'm happy one part of me decided to behave itself. Thank you!


  1. I hope it doesn't read this and pop out to mess with you!

  2. Ate France, Mama and my sister Rach saw your preggy pics in stylebible. Told em you're almost due na nga.. we're praying for your safe delivery. :)

  3. Hehe, I think that happens in the home stretch. I was always an innie so I got really weirded out when my belly button started protruding. Then, as my belly stretched some more, it flattened.

    You're such a gorgeous preggy mama! :)

  4. Praying for you and your baby's health. Keep us posted.

    Lots of love,

  5. WendyB, shhh! =P

    KV, aha, baka nga yun ang nangyari--na-stretch so much, it flattened!

    RoyalBleakness and Effortless, thanks for the prayers! We'll definitely need them!

  6. "kidnapped me so we COULD have a lovely mommy-to-be chat over dinner"

    "the button decided it WOULDN'T become a third nipple"

  7. June, di ko na-gets. Since it did happen naman (we did have a lovely dinner and the navel did not become a niple), hindi siya probability, right? Even your reference link just said if it's "said". I didn't use "said" anywhere. Please clarify.

  8. betcha by gulay! may grammar class pa talaga. LOL. i fear for my grammar, more so, for my blog! :) but i guess okay lang since im not a big person para pag aksayahan pa ninuman ng panahon. ang hirap kaya magka free time. :D


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