Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A peek into my sister-in-law's new home

Last weekend, Vince's sister and her family invited us to their fabulous new home for a housewarming party. I do want to respect their privacy so I'm just going to post a few photos here:
This is Anj and Lit Onrubia in their dining room. They now live in a spacious 3-bedroom apartment in a gated community, which will be great for raising their precocious son, the adorable Zo! While the place looks fantastic already, Lit says they're still not done. One of the things they're still looking for are good patio chairs.

The house was designed to look very Zen. Unlike what most people think, Zen doesn't mean as little furniture and as little design possible. Zen is peaceful, the sort of decor that won't invite clutter and stress. That's me and Vince's nephew Tom (who is love in a little package) and behind us is an indoor stone garden with a water feature. Quite relaxing!

We totally love the lighting! All our photos in this apartment turned out great! That's what Vince and I wish we had invested in--lighting. It really makes a ton of difference. It's just that it's soooo expensive! When we're very rich, we'll definitely plan some fab lighting!

Oops, PDA! After more than 11 years, we still can't keep our hands off each other. That's what got us pregnant!!! Sorry, Anj and Lit, for making out in your gorgeous living room!


  1. the house looked so warm and relaxing...

    ...lovely couple!

  2. yeah, the right lighting can really make wonders to a space, and to any photo :)

  3. lighting really is important. that is why, even if we are over our budget already, we still insist on installing a second ceiling in the condo just so we can change all the lights


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