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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Living in gray

Gray is a color associated with dullness, rainy days and gloom. So when designing a living space, gray is the last hue anyone ever thinks of. Well, that's the color I'm seriously considering for our living areas. Why? Because of this:
Not 6-months-pregnant-photo-of-me. The sofa!
Hehe, sorry there's no full photo! It's a sofa I bought for Vince. It was my gift to him for Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday and our wedding anniversary. He's been wanting a new sofa for 5 years so last Christmas I figured I oughta give him what he really really wants. We love it! Super. Lesson here: Get what you want, what you really really want!

The gray sofa looks great in the house. We softened it with embroidered and fluffy silk throw pillows. But since I've been looking at bedroom inspirations, I started looking for gray living rooms, too. And they are, my friends, quite beautiful.
Blues and grays are so soothing.
Black, white and gray. And words. Perfect for writers!
A bit austere so the pops of yellow are welcome.
The gray is softened by the big pillows and filmy curtains.
Love the books!
Gray, white and gold. Elegant and chic!
Framed black-and-white photos. Of course!
Very bold! Love the textures and prints!
A bit country class but I love the dark gray walls.
I love the pale yellow curtains!
So comfy and quiet and gorgeous!

I love how the gray is so calming and elegant. I also noticed how the rooms had yellow accents in common. But any accent color will work against the gray anyway--the brighter the better, like pink! Ohhhh, I am so into home-modification mode right now!

P.S. Speaking of gray, who wants to read Fifty Shades of Gray? Watch this space because I'm giving away the book! Soon!

*Living room images from Naura Home Design, His House; Her Help, Rusty Hinges Blog, Homedit, Inspiration for Home, Design Darling, Kunz Design and Furniture and Interior Design 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Sofitel summer staycation

Last week, Vince and I suddenly decided to hie off to Sofitel and escape the terrible heat. We were looking forward to the super sink-in-heaven king bed, the amazing cuisine, and the fantastic pool. The one thing I wasn't looking forward to was the cost (haha). Sofitel's one of the priciest hotels in the city but Vince told me it was his anniversary gift to us so I should stop looking at the cost (which always takes away my enjoyment!) and just scratch the credit card (and whenever my hubby says that, he gets sexier haha!).

We were also anticipating Vito's enjoyment. Last time our son was in the pool was at Shangri-la Mactan (a very hard act to follow) and he seemed to love the pool then so we were hoping for another happy excursion. Well, we were not mistaken! Just lookit that face!

Here's Vito stripped down to his board shorts. He likes trying out his words so here he's saying, "Wa-ker." That's his word for water. He totally loved splashing about the toddler pool. Poor Vince had to stay in the toddler pool, too!

The pool wasn't enough for our Vito. He just had to run around everywhere. He was in full explorer mode. Never mind that the ground was hot--he just sprinted over it even if Vince kept running and I waddled after him, concerned about his baby feet.

The slide's actually for older kids but, back home, the slide at our playground is much higher and he already conquered that so up he went this one. 

Then he went to the sand box. Their sand box is soooo small. Back home again, the sand box is huge. But the sand at Sofitel is beach sand whereas the one at home is construction sand, which hurts the feet. So barefoot Vito had a great time digging away and flinging sand at me.

Here we are exploring while Vince enjoyed a really cold Pale Pilsen (he does not believe in light beers) by the pool. I'm pointing out the helicopters flying overhead at regular intervals. Can anyone tell me why there are so many helicopters flying by this part of the bay?

I had planned on dipping in the pool myself, but since our decision was so sudden, I didn't have time to buy a maternity swimsuit. I figured my bikinis would do but, oh my, I'm so huge now (I'm 9 months pregnant!) that the cloth triangles just couldn't contain me. I was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen! So I hid my blue bikini under my coral dress and just waded. The cool water was awfully tempting, though!

After our afternoon swim, we retired to our cold room (ah, sweet relief!). We ordered room service because we love room service! Oh, and because we had Vito, a.k.a. the Tasmanian devil, around so a peaceful romantic dinner was never going to be possible.

Vince had lamb chops with mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables and an extra side of potato gratin. I had a bowl of Korean something. It was very good. Vito and I shared the bowl and we still weren't able to finish it--that's how large the serving is!

Sofitel also sent us a surprise! Our own anniversary cake! This cake is pure chocolate delight. Vince, Vito and I enjoyed our surprise dessert. Thanks, Sofitel!

Time for bed! Vito stayed up waaaaaay past his bedtime, so excited was he. But soon, finally, he dozed off. Vince and I had been planning to get romantic--well, no more sex this late in the game so just cuddles!--but we were so tired from our swim and Vito-chasing that we just lazed about in bed. Sofitel's beds are soooo comfortable. The best hotel beds ever. Except that since my body is so heavy now, I had little panic attacks--I felt like I was sinking too much!

Another thing that prevented me from sleeping was the event at the tent outside (Sofitel has two huge tents). OMG. For what felt like forever, the performers at said event just blared away singing. The speakers were on full blast so that it felt like the singers were standing on our balcony. With megaphones. But finally, the event finished and Vince and I slipped into blissful sleep.

The next day was buffet breakfast! Too bad the famous Spiral restaurant was closed for a major renovation. It was devastated by Typhoon Pedring late last year, so we all had to line up at Le Bar. The food's still amazing, of course, but Le Bar is like a fourth in size as Spiral so the line was long. And I'm the kind of person who gets pressured by lots of people waiting so I scarfed down my breakfast. It would've been nice to just sit back and savor my coffee.

Anyway, after Vito's morning nap, off to the pool we went again!

Vito's wearing a special diaper meant for swimming. If you want to win one for your kid, click here!

So there! We had a wonderful time. Well, we were beyond exhausted, too. It's hard to have a super active toddler tagging along. I don't even know why Vince and I thought we'd have some time alone to celebrate our fifth anniversary. So it's a good thing we already had some special time on the day itself. But we don't regret anything--Vito may have been the focus of our little getaway that was supposed to be our mini-honeymoon but he was also the big reason why we had so much fun. It's nice to be a family. It really truly is.

Monday, March 05, 2012

How I fake nice bouncy hair

Tee hee. So now you know my secret! I've tried extensions and expensive blow outs but nothing beats good old rollers!

Oh, and that's Vito, the first time he saw me in rollers (he was 8 months old then). He thought the curlers were hilarious. Now that he sees me with rollers regularly, he pays them no mind. Although he always looks amazed when I come out of the bathroom looking gorgeous!

What's your beauty secret?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Eyes wide open


And then there's him:

I never want to close my eyes, darling boy. I just want to drink you in as I pray that God never closes my eyes and make me miss the wonder that is you.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Where I work (well, kinda sorta)

You've all seen my lovely escritoire from Prizmic & Brill:

This photo is from the Real Living magazine feature a few years back. Many things have changed in our home--lots of new stuff!--but this writing desk will be mine till I'm old and gray. It's such a lovely piece. And it was Vince's Christmas gift to me in 2008. One of the best gifts he's ever given me!

Here is my now super messy desk with another (even more) amazing gift from Vince:

That little boy is always grabbing stuff from my desk! So my desk is messier than ever since I have to keep piling papers and things higher and farther from his reach. Which then makes it harder to work since my laptop is buried under so much stuff that I get lazy to do anything!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost done with the Christmas shopping

There are gifts under my pink tree!
It's a week before Christmas and my Twitter and Facebook feeds are all screaming about the horrible traffic jams and crowded malls. I'm glad that we didn't need to go out and shop since last month, we had already bought toys for the kids, gift sets for friends and neighbors, and little cutesy stuff for co-workers and forgotten relatives (haha).

Oh wait. I forgot that I went to Megamall a few days ago because I still don't have gifts for my nieces. They had asked for new clothes and this has left me stumped. For one thing, I hated getting clothes when I was young (even now actually). The clothes gifted to me are usually not my size and not my style.

Well, I asked my nieces what their dress sizes are and even then, at the mall with my sister, I was paralyzed. What do teen girls wear these days anyway? I was looking around the girls at the mall and was just horrified. They're either in the most unimaginative clothes or they're dressed indecently.

So my sister suggested we shop with the girls. Seemed like a good idea until I remembered the time I shopped with my niece for her prom dress. One dress, one pair of shoes--6 hours. I guess you'd say that's not so bad but regular readers know I hate shopping at the mall. The longest I'd spend at a mall is 2 hours, and half of that time is spent eating. So the 6 hours spent looking through racks upon racks of gowns was torture. (SM Dept Store truly has everything, by the way, from size 0 chiffon gowns and cheap plus size cocktail dresses to tacky nightmares and intricately beaded works of art!)

But, Y, if you're reading this, I want you to know the torture you put me through was worth it since you looked absolutely perfect in your lavender gown and silver strappy heels. And the cherry on top is you ended up as Prom Queen! But... I will not go through that again! So can I just give you gift certificates so you can shop for yourself?

I may abhor shopping but Vito makes going to the mall fun!
Hmm. Do you think gift certificates are a no-no gift? Some people say it's a lazy gift. Well, I love GCs! I love cash gifts, too! But in this case, I truly honestly have no idea what kind of clothes my nieces want and where to buy them. Where does one buy stylish clothes for girls 10 to 16 years old anyway? The ones I've seen so far either bore me to tears or shock me. I saw an adorable dress for a 10- to 12-year-old girl, for example, but when I took it from the rack, it was backless. Backless!

So I have a week to buy my nieces new clothes. Or just give them shopping money on Christmas. If you were a teenage girl, which would you prefer?

Not done with your shopping? Check out Unarosa's Top 10 Fashion Finds!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Juggling work and home. Whew!

Haven't been able to update because, well, you all know the household help abandoned us last week and, boy, it's been tough to juggle caring for the baby, the house and the job! But you know what? It can be done! The past few days have been incredibly exhausting but super incredible, too. I'll talk more about that over at Topaz Mommy but I will say that I am lucky to have the job I have because my hours are flexible and I get to bring Vito to the office!

Tonight was the office Christmas party, by the way. I wasn't able to go because of my yaya-less situation. I feel a bit bummed--very slightly--because the Christmas parties of the company I work for are insane. Being a media company, we're populated by highly creative, very expressive, super fun lunatics. Some people are decked out in lingerie, some wear costumes like cheerleader outfits, nurses uniforms and all incarnations of Johnny Depp's movie characters. Some guys have attended as women, some women have attended as... well, let's just say their mothers wouldn't have approved! All in all, our parties are fun to attend if only to see what crazy outfits people come up with.

But I haven't gone to an office party since 2009. That year I was suffering intense nausea and fatigue as I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. Last year, I didn't go either because I was a new mom and was just overwhelmed and tired. This year, well, I had no one to leave Vito with (I'd have to bring Vince because no way am I going to a party without a car, not with the hellish traffic we've been suffering this season!).

Am I sad to not have gone? Well, a part of me wanted to see all the craziness again (it has been a while!) but a bigger part of me just wanted to cuddle the baby. It's not sourgraping. It's just being a mommy, I guess. I get a lot of crazy from my 16-month-old child all day anyway!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Malling with my boys

I usually write about my family, my son especially, over at Topaz Mommy. I figured that since a lot of single girls with no kids read this blog, you wouldn't be interested. But it's Christmas and I just want to share a little escapade we had at Power Plant recently.

My cutie patooties! This family date was a couple of weeks ago. Since then, Vito had outgrown his uber cool adidas Star Wars Boba Fett shoes, Vince had had a haircut, and I have gotten even more preggy-looking!

Vito checking out the reindeer. Here he said, "Dede!" Funny boy. He doesn't breastfeed anymore--he weaned, on his own, when I got pregnant--but whenever he sees bare chests (men, women and, in this case, animal!), he chuckles and says, "Dede!"

Vito taking in the huge entrance of Toys R Us. I think that is the look of an overwhelmed little boy.

And this is us at Cibo Bimbi. We're trying our hand at coloring. I even bought a sketch book and big, toxic-free crayons after this. But it's a bad idea. I've put away the crayons for when he's a little older and understands that walls, sheets and floors aren't to be colored!

And here's my little boy trying out a plane ride at... you know, I have no idea what the name of that amusement place is. It's the one right beside Bimbi. Anyway, Vito's never been on a ride before and I thought he'd enjoy it...
He did. For two seconds. Then he got dizzy. Poor baby! But he's soooo cute even though he's dizzy!

And there you go! A tiny peek at a day in our life! As you can see, we don't really dress up, we don't bring yaya. I don't even put on makeup or brush my hair! We just have simple family fun. Well, we shop a lot. We used to shop a lot, before Vito. But he's such a handful now that there is just no way for us to go shopping! So we just play and eat and play and eat! That's about two hours then off for home. Life's gotten much simpler but more fun!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What I want for my 35th birthday

In exactly 10 days, I'm going to be 35. I find it terribly exciting--the 30s for me has always been a woman's sexiest age, the time when she's most confident, free from the insecurities that the teens and 20s were plagued with. I'm also looking forward to my 40s because that is when I think a woman is at her most powerful. Exciting times!

So what do I want for my milestone?

Well, I do have everything I need. I still have a lot of wants but, as they are wants, they don't bother me so much. But let me just tell you what they are!

Stuff I want:
1. A year's subscription to Glamour and Vanity Fair. Vince already gifted me with these! Thanks, babe!
2. A few days at the beach with my hubby and little boy, plus yaya. I'm not a beach person but what is it about kids that make you want to play in the sun and sand?
3. A year's worth of facials so that my acne will finally go away! Calling all my friends in the beauty industry! Wink, wink!
4. Shopping sprees at Mango, Karimadon, Zara, SM Forum and K&Co.
5. Shopping sprees at Mothercare, SM Baby, Rustan's Baby and Gingersnaps.
6. Red velvet cake from Karen's Kitchen.
7. Carrot cake from my friend Mariel, who I dearly miss and who will not be baking me cakes because she's in NYC.
8. A girly day at a nail salon with my girlfriends, who I also miss. This bed rest is so sad.
9. A MacBook. Either Air or Pro. Still can't decide!
10. An assistant!

Of course I have other less frivolous things on my mind, like...
1. I wish the subchorionic hemorrhage in my uterus would disappear so that my little Wiggle will be safe and I can get out of the house again. I whine a lot about being stuck home but I do that so I don't worry about Wiggle. Sometimes when I'm being shallow, it's really because something else vastly more important is pressing itself against my mind and my heart and I need to set my sights on glittery shiny things to not drown in the darkness.
2. I pray always for the safety, protection and good health of Vince, Vito and myself. And the yaya and maid! I don't think I utter a prayer more often than this one. Protect us, keep us safe, make us invisible to evil, keep us healthy. Sometimes, that's all I say to God. It must be maddening!
3. I wish all the kinks in this bag business will get ironed out. With Uncle Buck old and working slow and the leather supply running out because of the floods in Bulacan, I may have a ton of interested customers but if I can't meet demand... It's just really very frustrating for me.
4. I wish that all our plans for the magazine I edit will go spectacularly well in 2012. We're doing very well actually--both in advertising and circulation--but I want it to be bigger!
5. I want my blogs to become bigger than ever, too. They're actually great--thousands of views, steady growth, steady stream of advertisers and sponsors--but I'm ready to go HUGE.

That's all. I am beyond blessed and I thank God often for the life I have. I worked hard for it, sure, but I believe the right people and the opportunities were also sent my way and that I was smart enough (or I was advised well) to recognize them. And I am happy and completely content. Yet I am ready for more. I'll be 35 soon. In 10 days! I'm ready to do more!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please report this Facebook profile

Today, I received an email from a very concerned reader, Amina, who told me that someone named Jamie Palanca is using my photos on her Facebook account and passing them off as her own.

Since I wasn't friends with this woman, I couldn't see her other photos but Amina told me that in the other photos, Ms. Palanca claimed Vito as her own, except that she named him Savannah Lauren. And as you can also see from her comment below, she also claimed Vince as her husband.
Talagang angkinin ang asawa't anak ko, ha!

I am not very upset. This is something unexpected, after all. That's one of the consequences of putting your life all over the Internet. I was telling my friend Jill that it's kinda funny, kinda creepy, kinda flattering (although why did she use that unflattering photo?!) but mostly very sad and pathetic. So, guys, don't worry. I'm cool!

My cousin Diana pointed out, however, that while it's great I'm not blowing my top over this, she said that Ms. Palanca is an online seller. If she happens to be an unscrupulous person (and she very well may be because if she can lie about this then she can lie about anything), then she might be running off with people's money. And then what if a swindled customer saw me or my family somewhere and gets angry and attacks us? Put that way, that is a very scary scenario.

Well, folks, please do me a HUGE favor and report this person. Kindly go to her Facebook page (click here) and, on the left side of the profile, somewhere under the profile pic, click on "Report/Block" and say this person is pretending to be me. Thank you!

P.S. Please don't post harsh words on her wall. I know some of you are very protective of me (thanks!). I think it's a very sad thing she had to do this so let's just wish she finds a great husband and make gorgeous babies and have a fabulous life so that she wouldn't need to pretend to be me!

P.P.S. I wouldn't have known about this if it weren't for Amina. Thank you! You know, despite this, I'm still very glad I blog because I have people all over the world who truly care for me and my family. I am very blessed!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Bali trip: The wedding

We went to Bali for a wedding. Jukka, Vince's best man at our wedding, was getting married. It was a surprise wedding since we didn't even know he was dating anyone, let alone dating a girl as gorgeous as his bride!

Well, that's love for you! Even Vince and I had a whirlwind romance—we met April 5, kissed April 18, and he asked me to marry him in May! That was when I got freaked out and said, "Baby, let's take things slooooow from now on." It was so slow, we got married eight years later!

Anyway, here's Jukka. He's very excited to get married to—back then to us—the mystery girl. He kept talking about Michelle and how she's so cute and how he wants to have a family like Vince and have a baby like Vito. Jukka's in love with Vito. I know how he feels.

And this is my heart! Vito doesn't like his shirt. It's really hot in Bali. Crazy hot. I wore a filmy dress so I had it good. The men wore suits! They were really sweating in the heat. But, as these photos show, the boys still looked as cool as a cucumber (sorry for the cliche but it was so hot in Bali, I just wanted something refreshing, like a cucumber shake!).

Here comes the bride! I think my jaw dropped when I saw her. If I had been beside Jukka, I'd have said, "Jukka, you never let on that she was that beautiful, you lucky ass!"

Michelle and Jukka, exchanging their vows in the amber light of the setting sun. They just giggled and smiled at each other and kissed throughout the wedding. Sooo romantic.

Here they are, holding hands. Aww! Love! Dearest Jukka and Michelle, may you have a marriage strong in love, faith, friendship, joy, humor and sex! That combo is what works for Vince and me!

And here we are, happy for our friend. I love weddings. They just affirm my faith in mankind, that we're still silly and sweet and innocent and brave and strong and believers in love.

Poor tired Vito. He's chewing on my turquoise necklace. The party was held a few steps from the beach, by the pool, and we had delicious Indonesian cuisine. We ended the day with dancing and laughter and Game of Thrones. Yep, it was a gathering of nerds!

And that was our Bali trip! Hope you enjoyed it as much as Vito did!